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SUGGESTION: Vice City multiplayer

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my suggestion for Vice City multiplayer mod is that you work on snychronizeing the walking and motobike driving, spawn and respawning, and if possible add some knuckle busters and a sword for some close combat hand to hand action. :twisted:

And forget about gamemodes, shooting, traffic, pedestrian, flying, boats and cars etc, for now....

I think it would take a long time to code all this and i would like tobe playing a stable Vice city multiplayer mod sometime in the near future...

And also i dont want GTA3/GTAVice city multiplayer mods to become like a FPS games i think we should stick to the true GTA roots were someday we can all run around a city together breaking the law GTA stlye....it's just a suggestion, SP is GREAT FUN !! :P



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connection problems: being worked on

lag: being worked on

weapons: probably being worked on (obviously 1 of the weapons will be, but wether more than one is gonna be avaliable is unknown to me)

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yep i rember when it was just gta3 though i never got to play it i read alot about it. Quite funny that back then if u fliped car over the game would crash and nothing was really sync excpet for seeing the player lol. im sure a few month from nwo we will look back at .2 and be amazed at how far we came. :D

indeedy :D

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it owuld be kool if they made one massive server with hundreads of people so i would be just like playing vc sp but every person is out to get ya. hehee. :lol:

and every person happens to have a gun :wink:

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