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  1. Bigger cars can be nicec, but I jsut dont think any car in the game was fast enough. Sure the pcj could mooooove, but i want monster speeds p.s. the cop car prob with annoying thx alot for noticing it and corecting it
  2. ITs been a long road for everyone, and we just had to sit here and wait for them to do all the hard work . We all appreciate the time MTA puts into helping up waste our time. yah!
  3. Thank god i have the weekend off. Let the carnage begin!
  4. Its funny how we're not supposed to ask about release dates, but tons of people keep making predictions about when its coming out. IT like they think someone will tell them if they are right. eh, im just bored and bitching.
  5. I just want to have small group sniper battles.
  6. Its not that spot near the 'easter egg' is it? theres another false wall on a heliport near there. It was supposed to have a secret vehicle in it, but it was empty. p.s. I hate it when people try to wave their 'secrets' in everyone's face. Does it make them feel special or somthing? If its really a secret, share the info, stronger oppenents means more fun.
  7. Seems like that would be more of a task for the multiplicity project. New maps, maybe with new missions on them. Dunno, just thinking
  8. Yea i think the current colors are fine. Its nice to know if someone you're chasing grabs a ride.
  9. yeah, that one has gotten me a few times
  10. GreyRabbit

    Rp servers

    I can see the point of RP'ing in alot of games, but in VC it comes across like you have a lack of reality. Be hard-core, if you want to role-play, git you're gat, go postal, then sue RockStar games and me for maiking you do it.
  11. The pics look great. Can't wait for the slaughter to begin.
  12. Aren't there programs that allow you to add and remove VC mods without them being permenent? I belive i've seen a prog like that.
  13. I dont know what the difference is but... I have minor crashes that just crash VC, and every 5 or 6 times i have a crash that drops my whole system. Again im not sure what, if anything is the difference, but i'd just like to see a drop in the major crashes i have with the new version.
  14. I really enjoy the boats. They are a big part of what i love about VC. Spraying bullet from the dingey is great. I'd like to see them on mta whenever possible
  15. Half a cheer for the outstanding work the MTA team has done. Hip Hip.. Hoo Keep it up
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