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  1. lol yeah. When it's onto like 0.8 or something the big thing on the forums will be DogFights or something it's amazing how quickly we forget things we used to want when something better is coming up.
  2. I play on a 56K and the only time i've ever had lag is when theres been about 16 players on screen at once.
  3. Sobig is one of those stupid viruses that will leech onto someones address book and send an e-mail appearing to come from one of the addresses. So it'll be someone with that address in their address book.
  4. So Clearly I can see it's save to say "Zombien You are an idiot" Great work on the Latest Screens.
  5. I agree with Mills, Don't add the hunters Weapons. Yes Its fun to shoot everyone from it but then again arn't you just going to get some people after a while who will continuously get the hunter and use it all the time?
  6. You are really really wrong. The Reason i am on Dial up is because broadband is not yet availible in my Area. This is the case with many other players that may come from the UK. So Essentially all you are saying it "Kick off all people on Dial Ups because they lag the server" Would you like it if that ever happened to you?
  7. um, you dont lol Yeah you do... just need a garage the size of India! no you dont EDIT: We don't support using these files in Public Servers, We do not use them at all only in our own private Server.
  8. Surprisingly the kill zone is highly manuverable... except for tight corners
  9. If people want to RP on GTA let them I say. I mean it'd be done in special servers with RP ONLY in the name. If you don't want to RP dont join an RP Server its as simple as that. I myself have started to Roleplay in Elite Force (Star Trek Voyager Game) and It can be quite fun.
  10. You can take it up and down and any way you like. But eventually either A) It'll fall through B) The chopper will glitch you fly with it you have to go very slow.
  11. Bikes will go on the platforms. They just fall through the bottom. It appears as though the games physics can't handle them being on there
  12. He took that shot in his own game. The seats won't work in the current version of MTA. Hopefully they might in 0.2.
  13. lol I was the other tested for this in MTA, it works fine except for the odd bug which are anim/lag bugs. And sometimes when he does a sudden drop well.. lets just say Sliced Vercetti is now on the menu Shooting out of it works and you can walk about on the platform but not to much or you'll fall out. Vehicles won't stay on the platforms they just slide off. But its a GREAT mod and works brilliantly in MTA
  14. Amazing how you can call someone a newb yet you have newb as your member title aswel.
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