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How will the dm system work?

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There are somme little things that I didn't understood...

Will the map editor be used to only make maps and then, the spawnpoints, guns and gamemodes be setted with scripts?

The map editor is just for placing items (spawnpoints, pickups, vehicles, etc), everything else you'll have to script.

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whats the blue core?

The blue core is the main thing where MTA is build upon. MTA 3 & VC didn't have the Blue Core, it's just shooting around. MTA SA uses the Blue core, and it allows a lot of options as you know.

4 September 2004

The new core, internally known as "Blue", is announced. This was the result of over a year's-worth of work. It finally offered many of the features requested from the very beginning of MTA's existence, such as synced boats, synced projectile weapons and support for modifications.

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