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Why R* did not include multiplayer in GTA3/GTAVC

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A few days ago I played GTA and GTA2 again (yes it has been a while) and I especially paid attention to the multiplayer part of those games. Both GTA games have a fully functioning synchronised MP system. During MP sessions, traffic, pedestrians and other aspects are flawlessly synchronised and you can play in the same huge cities as in Single Player mode. The MP gameplay is almost exactly the same as in SP. I wonder how Rockstar got that job done...

I realise that GTA3 is far more advanced/complex because of it being a 3D game with new physics and different gameplay and so on, so I wonder whether the creators themselves are able to create the same type of MP for the new GTA games as it was in the old ones. Perhaps it is technically still not entirely possible... Perhaps Sony is paying them big bucks not to do so, because the PS2 console still does not support MP and MP support in the PC-CDROM version would give the PS2 version a disadvantage. Which would cause GTA PS2 sales to go down and populairity of the console to go down as well. And Sony would not like to see that happen ($$$).

I'm glad the R* contract with Sony ends sometime this year or early next year. I hope they're gonna release some GTA games on XBOX, because this console does support MP (XBOX LiVE). This could mean GTA games with MP support on different platforms, such as XBOX and the good old PC, but with equal features. That would be fair for everyone... And good for the sales!!!

Also, I was very disappointed about the fact that the GTA-like game Mafia in the end did not support MP. Mafia is truly a fantastic game, one of the best of the many games I've played, hell perhaps even the best I've played! Before the game was finished the developers promised they would include MP in the final version, or at least include it later on in a patch. This was all not true in the end. Was it technically not possible? Or were the developers under pressure by deadlines to release the game before it would be outdated? Who knows.

Mafia does at least match the quality of GTA, but the Mafia (mod) community is much smaller than the GTA (mod) community. Maybe the Mafia fanbase is too small. Maybe Mafia is really hard to mod. Would it be possible to develop a MP mod for Mafia, using the same methodes used in the development of GTA3 MP mods? Mafia with MP support would make the ultimate game, I think.

I am glad to hear that the guy behind the first GTA is going to develop his own GTA-like game, and that another GTA-like game called 'True Crime' is going to be released this fall. Maybe some stiff competition will push R* to create better GTA games, that suit all our demands...

Returning to GTA3, I think that MTA in combination with the GTA World project is very interesting indeed! I hope they can get it done and get it working. Keep up the good work guys!!!

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actually, you're correct as to why R* didn't put in MP support.

Sony didn't want R* to put in MP support, because they thought it would undermine PS2 sales.

I'd say it was 100% completely possible, especially since R* would have all the source code, and would know exactly how the game works. In fact, they started it, but sony came by and said no. Which is why I hate the PS2 department of Sony.

The end.

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but gta2 was to on the ps-one and has only split screen and on the computer it has internet multiplayer this is one disadvantage to because the ps version will not sell more then the pc version i think then what is the problem with it they did it with gta1 and gta2 why not gta3 i think . it make no sense for me just make a contract with sony and make the ps2 version multiplayer online with usb or something just like us navy seals. and just port it with the memory card it is not so big to put in i think to do that

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during the time of GTA2 MP wasn't that popular, these days anyone who has an inet connection wants to try it while a couple of years ago it was only for the "nerds"

And R* did prolly not include MP because of Sony. Indeed it would undermine the sales of the console version. Howevfer i beleive it would not be that big loss for sony because it takes a long time be4 a version for another platform than the PS2 may be released.

Weel who knows, maybe they ask us to build a MTA for the next GTA and include it with it :P

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the evil count fooku was using his jedi powers to block them from using an MP3. duh.

Hmm... trx should make a mission: tony + unnamed guy from GTA3 vs. sony's anti MP army.

Can anyone remember, without looking at prior messages, what this topic was about?

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