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I was thinking and thinking and thinking( no i don't think hard, it's just disturbence in force) and i invented new game mode. there are going to be two groups. In one of them there is one player that has to get allive to the airport get to some airplane and be in air till he get to the end of city, or next island. he can't die in that time. all the others can respawn at certain points that group take(by rising flag). Second group has to kill that player and mabey will have different look. they wont know which player is it and they will also respawn at certain places taken. The player that have to get to airport will have more health and bulletproof coat. when player will be killed the team "guards" is going to win, if he get to airport the team "spank traders" will win. Also mabey player who has to get to airport can give spank to other player who will get also bullet proof coat but it would be the same precent as player who gave spank to him had and player who gave it would loose bulletproofcoat. When player get to the plane, other team can still attack him and shoot him down.

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Just trying to understand this

One person has to get from A to B - but during that time he is invincible?

Meanwhile 2 groups are blasting each other? - and whichever team is left standing wins when the other person reached point B? - explain it more clearly please.

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one person from one team has to get to airport and fly away. he is visible but other team doesn't know which player is it and they have to kill him. Player that have to get to airport has SPANK and can give it to others. When he does that he looses bulletproof coat and player who got SPANK get bulletproof coat but coat is not returning to 100%. When the player carrying SPANK gets to airport, his team wins. When he dies, his team wins.

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i don't think he means that a bullet-proof coat would make you invincible, just a lot harder to kill. am i right?

no i meant that "player" can dress in different clothes

by the way did the first person who answered understood this now?

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I havent fully understood; but from what I've gatherd it sounds pretty good.

Person A has to get to airport; and theres two teams who have to kill him; and the two teams are against each other. So the team that kills him gets, say, 20 points. Killing an enemy team member gets you 1. So its quite team based :)

What would be fun is when person A gets to the plane/helicopter; he gets the twenty points and he can man the machine gun on the aircraft :twisted:

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this sound like VIP in CS..

sound fair enough.....if it isnt too hard to code...

I think this is like VIP in CS with the difference that the VIP, who is the person with the spank, could give this spank to someone else thus making that someone VIP. And maksio5 also suggested that the spank carrier would have bulletproof coat. And that this coat would get weaker each time it changed from player to another. The spank would be in the pocket of that coat so to speak. When the coat changes wearer it also magically weakens. Did I understood you right maksio5?

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