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  1. let's just wait for the release of enter the matrix besides having people speed up while "dodging bullets" is not bullet-time. bullet-time is impossible to add as a feature to multiplayer games
  2. This seems like the feature used in cs, but it could be done as a check-box integrated to the gta3mta console ("force skin download" etc.) in the server settings, couldn't it? A skin's usual size is about 60kb 200 kb. As for the 56k-ers this could take some time to download so the master of server should take this into consideration. The other way to do this is to somehow compress the skin.bmp and send it to the client uncompress it. This should be possible from the client to the server and from the server to the client so that everybody would see each other's 1337 k33l skins Any comments?
  3. This could be added as a single-player trainer What I mean, is, that if one feels he/she isn't so good in gta 3 then he/she could go practice with the npcs. In fact, several of these should be made, don't you think?
  4. This sounds like it's been used before, somehow, doesn't it? Why not make something radical and give worse weapons after certain frags?
  5. This sound fine to me, but just leave the matrix part out of it. gta has nothing to do with matrix btw, unless all cars and pedestrians are synchronised in gta3mta 0.3, this game mode will be unfair xP
  6. I don't think this will ever be possible... Unless you copy the Acclaim's idea from the game Re-Volt -where one player was it and the others had to crash him... everything exactly like in the first post. The only difference is that everybody else is chasing the it and it tries to drive away to lose his time, let's say 2 minutes. When another player succesfully crashes the it, his clock will start ticking and so on... evolving to a total carnage on the streets, imagine it
  7. You guys spoiled the fun by telling me where a hidden pack is hiding! xDD
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