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  1. dude, don;t u get it, server isn't running
  2. um, nononono, tomeone who breakes into sytems to DO ANY DAMAGE is called CRACKER or at least thats what hackers call them.
  3. yea, u cant connect koz server isn't on.
  4. from friday evening to saturday there will be role play server working under ip and port 2003 (also 4003 may work). servers name is "role play server"
  5. i meant adding those things not changing already existing vechicles for them ps how can u grind railings?
  6. i was just thinking that mabey some tricks could be added to the stunt game mod, like railing for example, and alos bikes, skateboards and wake boards (if boats added) mabey?
  7. um, yeah i get what u mean but i think those people aren't called hackers
  8. yea, its bit stupid that bus for example can take only driver and ONE passanger
  9. got 2 more: 1) race it always bottered me that u cannot do proper race in the game, so mabey there could be game only for races. people could choose a race track (from sunshine autos where spawn point would be (in gtavc)) and they will line up there with others who have chosen this track, countdown begins and they do check point race, with traffic on of course. for winning the races they could get money for which they could buy better cars or something, but same cars would be more fair. also cops chasing the racers could be fun. 2) many people would like game to be interactive, so mabey things like sitting in the bars, buying drinks, money, and so on could be added. just so people can role play
  10. naa, i meant i can see only mta and no mta vc in relases
  11. 1) groups of 2 people got a pickup, one is driving and second one shoots from the back. objective: deathmatch 2) each player has taxi or bus. objective: pick up as many passangers as possible in time limit (for bus) or get as many passangers to their destination in time limit (for taxi). player who gets most passangers or delivers most to their destination wins. lol i forgot rest. will add them in time
  12. hey all, am back after some time of absence and i got some new suggestions. one questions are u still into gta3 or vice city only?
  13. so there are 2 teams robbers and cops robbers have to steal money from bank and cops have to prevent them from doing so. to make it more realistic, inside the bank there can be limited amount of cops (guards) and when the robbers enter the bank alarm is sounded (or it is sounded when someone turns it on or something) and thats when cops may go to the bank (but no camping right outside the bank, they got to be in the police department till alarm is sounded). Any robber has to get to the vault and target it or attack with something for amount of time (for example 1 min) and then they got to go to hideout. cops may respawn, robbers cannot but robbers are stronger and have better weapons. other good idea would be possibility for passanger in the cars and helicopters to shoot like in "mafia" this is suitable for vice city where u can enter the buildings and this includes bank so what u think?
  14. i thought that mabey you guys could make files that make multiplayer possible in other games too. For example elder scrols morrowind
  15. well, i would like to have mp on gta3 koz vc doesnt work on my pc yet and i plan to buy gtavc, but...
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