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D-Day War Mod

Guest DarK MaN X

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This IS a crazy idea but since i can post ima let it out neway,

How Bout A GANG WAr D- DAy Style???? Let me Explain

U have One Gang Pull Up IN Boats ON The Shore And TRy to overtake the island, and they have dodos with bombs to take out enemy posistions

The Other Gang Has Tanks and hummers, And Dodos with a machine guns to try and shoot down enemy bombers

The team thats trying to overtake the island has a time limit to do so or they lose

Each soldier is outifitted with a specialty: (SNipers, Pilots, rockets, explosives, heavy gunners, light gunners, etc)

For fun medics could be pimps and prostitutes....

I know u guys are smarter then me so u probably could make this idea a lot better.... so lets make it work

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lol right well, that would be good, something I'd expect seeing in memoration for the soldiers who fought on D-day, because men, let me tell you, D-day was hell, pure hell and war as you may think is NOT FUN. if we did see something like that, I'd hope the creator would dedicate it for those who fought to destroy the evil communist threat (propraganda!)

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personally, unless something like that was realistic it doesnt do the event justice.

GTA3 as a game is comical, the whole game carries a sense of self irony, and the graphics etc convay the same message. Trying to make gta3 into a serious mod wouldnt work.

I mean, blowing off heads and watching the blood spew out like a fountain, isnt realistic.

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Maybe next time my humor should be more straight to the point.... sike i wasn't being sarcastic even if that would put me in a better light. I didn't mean to make it sound like a dday replica or anything. That would be dumb even if it did work. I jus thought it would be TYTE to have one team roll up in boats tryin to take over the city from another. Basically GanG Warfare on Crack.... MMMM White powder.... Yeh anyway... LoL, i sense not being liked probably cuz im a newbie thaz been around and never posts. Im going back to silently reading posts and not answering......

(Jus cuz i brought up Cocaine does not mean i endorse Drugs in any way)

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A D-Day Mod with Gangsters storming beaches in boats in GTA3 ? WTF were u smoking?

Might be fun ONCE but afterwards the whole Thugs/police/ storming a (probably) well defended beach is a parody of D-day and would be even more insulting that the GTA premises it self.... GTA went far but it is fun ... if it would do THIS it would be a disgrace!

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