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Help with editing animation with Blender - GTA Tools DFF/IFP


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I recommend against use of Blender for exporting straight to GTA formats. Something's bound to go wrong or there's a very long response time for support due to its small GTA modding community.

If you want to use the app for modeling, animating I'd say go for it, but would strongly recommend that you export as FBX and load into 3ds Max to do the GTA formats export phase. You can do 99% of the workflow on Blender the rest bit in Max if you so desire. I know it's intimidating to learn a new application, but it's fairly simple and we can lead you to great tutorials if you need help on the way, be it video examples to follow through or what not. :)

Edit: I just reminded myself of DragonFF tool, which is still in development but it may be worth checking out if you dread Max. https://gtaforums.com/topic/925364-dragonff-blender-gta-io/#comments

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On 19/02/2020 at 02:22, Razor70538 said:

It's an error from the addon or there is a step that I'm not seeing?

Looking at your picture, I'd say there is a bug in the plugin or Blender, or it may be a compatibility issue (check what the plugin page says about the version of Blender it's designed for).

If you want to spare yourself the pain of finding out and then knocking on the right door to report the issue, then Tut's advise will help.

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To be clear, there are two versions of GTATools, the one for a previous Blender version, and one with a updated API for 2.79.

I had this issue way back too, but i learned how to properly edit GTA SA animations this way:

When you're done doing a pose for the animation, add the pose to the timeline via the Key "i" , you can either add it as "Rotation", "BBone Shape" or "Available"  (Available only appears if you're doing a pose on top of a existing frame, which will not cause any errors as well) adding a pose with any other option from that menu that isnt the three i mentioned makes the error appear.

Be careful, if you get animation bugs in-game like; CJ with no mouth and eyebrows and/or other skins having their belly messed up, you need to add start and end frames to the Jaw, Eyelids, Toes and Belly because their timeline of frames are separate from the rest of the bones, they have their own timeline. You dont need to pose them, just select the bones i told you and add their frames to their timeline via one of the three methods i mentioned and you're good to go. If you still have any questions, dont hesistate to ask.


PS: Delete a keyframe you added with other options that were not added with  "Available", "BBone shape" or "Rotation" or else you'll still get the error 252, you can select all bones via pose mode and copy paste the pose so you wont have to redo it from scratch.

PS(2): You can also view GTA Vice City animations with GTATools and export them to GTA SA.

Here's a picture with my own custom pose in-game.


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Closing this as it's starting to show its age!

2 hours ago, iNugget4Life said:

When I Do Location Rotation It Gives Me that Kind of error Again Too Please help!

Please create a new thread and show the issue you're having :) 

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