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  1. Consider the ban a warning and avoid cheating in the future.
  2. Yes, the server is blacklisted
  3. Tut


    Please check the pinned post in this forum on how to report cheaters - they cannot be reported within the public forums
  4. Tut


    We're not accepting appeals for this ban
  5. I'm thinking it is an issue with the model, meaning it's not just you who are experiencing the issue with the mod? GTA vehicle lights only work if they are mapped with vehiclelights128 texture and have the correct material properties.
  6. Have you made sure that you performed a fresh reinstallation of the game? With modded / pirated games you can sometimes find modded files such as custom timesync and other things that can interfere with graphics. You can purchase game keys on websites such as G2A, but it's always a good idea to do your own research. It may help that you run MTA diagnostics tool and provide us with the result. Instructions at https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/32071-mtadiag-diagnostic-tool-for-mtasa-support-section-information/
  7. Sorry, you may just have to wait a little longer. Appeals are not currently our priority but we do try our best to review every single one of them.
  8. @Dmitrii_Popov - as previously advised please wait for a response to your existing appeal: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/136408-забанили-ac4-trainer-province/
  9. Are you sure that the lights shows fine for other players? Typically this would be an issue in the model, thus every player connected would experience the same issue.
  10. How does your vehiclelights128 / vehiclelightson128 textures look in vehicles.txd found in GTA SA directory\models\ ? Are you getting the same issue with non-modded vehicles?
  11. @Aleksei-Usik - I have moved your post into a separate thread so that you can get help with this issue.
  12. Tut

    Global ban

    Hi these bans are permanent without chance of appeal as indicated in our response in May last year.
  13. We did not ban you for running optimization software or using inappropriate language in chat - I think you know well what we banned you.
  14. Hi again By suggesting that you debug the code to the best of your ability first, I was trying to convey that it isn't very reasonable to provide someone with 1700 lines of code and expect them to find the issue themselves - if nobody on your team are able to do this, I suggest you look into hiring someone who is able to tackle these issues for you. The problem could also be tied to another script on your server, hence having full developer access may be required to fix this if it has other dependencies. Good luck Olá novamente Ao sugerir que você depure o código para melhorar sua habilidade primeiro, eu estava tentando te convencer de que não é muito razoável dar a alguém 1700 linhas de código e esperar que eles encontrem o problema pra você. Se ninguém na sua equipe é capaz de fazer isso, eu sugiro que você procure contratar alguém que consiga lidar com esses problemas para você. O problema também pode estar atrelado a outro script no seu servidor, por isso é necessário ter acesso completo de desenvolvedor para corrigir isso se houver outras dependências. Boa sorte.
  15. Tut

    it is enough

    Perform a complete uninstallation of the spoofer and you will be good to go
  16. Tut

    Error CD47

    Closing this, please see the answer left to you on your other appeal
  17. If you feel the player is a cheater, you're welcome to PM @Dutchman101 information about the player. In the meantime it would be a good idea that you also ban them from servers that you own or get server owners to ban them. Additionally there are ways to improve server security to help mitigate cheating. You can get help with this in the Programacao em Lua section
  18. Tut


    Sorry, thus was an error on our end and the ban has been removed.
  19. Tut


    As indicated on your previous appeal we are not looking to remove this ban.
  20. Tut

    global ban

    Closing this as you have an existing appeal awaiting reply
  21. Hi the ban for cheating is permanent.
  22. Hi sorry for the confusion we go by UTC timezone so 16:53 would be 70 minutes after your post
  23. @Erica Daiane Martins - I have removed the post containing code as it is a bit overloaded with information - a whole 60k characters! When looking for help with code it's best that you debug the code first so that you can narrow it down to just a small block of code if possible. We also recommend formatting code using the <> post editor button and selecting the appropriate coding language Cheers
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