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    [QUESTION] Windows

    Then you may have to split the glass into its own DFF, and map it several times in map editor. You may also have to turn off alpha transparency flag in your building DFF, because as a rule of thumb, opaque models should not be drawn last.
  2. Tut

    [QUESTION] Windows

    @bz_ Have you enabled alpha transparency flag (true) in engineReplaceModel? engineReplaceModel(dff, 8869, true)
  3. Rectangular marker with vertex alpha
  4. Cyllinder marker with vertex alpha
  5. It works for both MTA and single player, but as testing mods on single player is not very straight forward, I cannot help troubleshoot this issue.
  6. I recommend using Magic TXD instead. https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27862 TXD Workshop is prone to errors and may corrupt data. Guide for creating TXD
  7. Neon signs with vertex alpha
  8. Custom neon gradient with vertex alpha
  9. Volumetric street light cone with vertex alpha
  10. Game exporters usually ignore custom rotation/scale values and reset them back to 0 on export. Try applying your custom transforms/scale in object-level and it'll show up in the correct scale
  11. Closing this, as like others has said, we do not accept ban appeals.
  12. Volumetric window blinds with vertex alpha
  13. Volumetric construction lights with vertex alpha
  14. As this question is mostly a server/scripting support question, it's been moved into a better place for best result . We are not able to help with unlocking/decrypting server assets here - you would have to use a backup key to do this yourself.
  15. Blending cement and brick wall with manipulated alpha sorting
  16. Blending two types of wood with vertex alpha
  17. Blending snow and rocky path with vertex alpha
  18. Blend dirt with grass to create a simple path with vertex alpha
  19. Blend dirt with grass to create a forest path with vertex alpha
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