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  1. Tut

    Next RP

    Sorry, upon reviewing the ban we found no reason to believe it was issued in error. We'll be unable to review any further appeals for this ban which is set to expire May 29 at 08:47 UTC
  2. Tut

    Next RP

    If you're unsure why we banned your serial for cheating, you may want to review your device security and make sure you're the only person who can access it
  3. This wiki page and its code example should help you out. engineReplaceModel I have moved your thread into Scripting section so that you can receive more advice on this
  4. @Clebson - I've moved this into the Portuguese scripting section. May come handy for future questions as well.
  5. Hey @Sina2021a Normally we discourage appealing bans on someone else's behalf, but I've moved the appeal into Ban appeals section so that it can get checked.
  6. Tut

    Next RP

    Hello. I've moved your appeal into Ban appeals section. For your interest I have checked and confirmed the ban is correct - if you're not sure why, you may want to check who else is using your device to play and cheat on MTA.
  7. Hi, sorry, UTC time zone may be different from your time zone - looks all sorted now though
  8. Based on a status update suggesting the both of you have the same serial, I have gone ahead and unhid @German_LIsov's appeal and reversed any infractions on your forum profiles. I'm sorry I do not have an answer for you right this moment, but we will let you know when we are able to
  9. Hey @MichaloxBruh Are you trying to install the mod to your local game or to a MTA server? If you're modding your local game, and are testing the mod in MTA, make sure that the server you're playing on allows custom gta3.img. In order to allow/disallow it you need to to edit mtaserver.conf
  10. I'm glad to hear you have removed the cheats from your system. The ban expires May 29 at 05:57 UTC When the ban expires you will be able to play on every server as normal, unless of course they banned you from there.
  11. Hey @ICHKERIYA-UKRAINE We banned you for using the cheats with MTA - cheats should not be used under any circumstance. If you'd like to improve your server, I recommend getting started with scripting or hiring developers to help create a more exciting server. The ban expires May 27 at 21:56 UTC
  12. 20:28 UTC is in 2 hours 14 minutes
  13. Tut

    mta ban

    The ban expires May 25 at 08:00 UTC If you try joining a server in the default MTA client, it'll also say how long you've got to wait
  14. @chop3kount10 I've moved your question into the Russian support section where it's best suited
  15. Tut


    We are kicking you for a HW spoofer that should be located in C:\Users\OneDrive\ . If you're not sure why this is the case, I recommend you run a few virus and malware scans using the suggested software at https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/64715-install-anti-virus/
  16. Hi, we issued a similar HW spoofer ban earlier this month. It's up to you to stop using spoofers and you will no longer see your serial banned.
  17. Hey, playing MTA as normal on a new PC does not get one banned - cheating on MTA does, which is why we had to ban you for 5 days.
  18. Tut

    team system

    @beamer - I've closed this as you already have a post in a better section: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/135935-team-system/ Good luck
  19. Tut

    next rp

    Banned by a server/NextRP, sadly nothing can be done here
  20. @BOMBASZFORMASZ as this appears to be a client issue you're having, your post has been moved into the Client support section.
  21. @Maks Kovarchyk - the ban for cheating on MTA is correct, and expires May 24 at 20:28 UTC
  22. @khalikow - the ban expires May 26 at 17:55 UTC, so you'll be back to play soon.
  23. @shunk105 - please appeal the ban with NextRP staff
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