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  1. We can't keep merging your duplicate appeals into the original post every week, so to prevent the idea that spamming leads to a response, I have closed this appeal and we will not be responding to any further appeals from you.
  2. The ban is only temporary, and you have yourself to blame for trying to spoof your serial.
  3. I have moved your question into the Client support section for best results
  4. Tut


    The email set in your server configuration is close to the one that you have shown in the video (which was removed for your privacy). Sign in to your email account and you should see the problem with what you entered in the toplist form. @noSnooping
  5. Tut

    pls :C

    Check out our response earlier today. I will note that if you continue to evade forum bans or spam ban appeals, and we are able to identify you are the user of that serial, you will find your MTA ban extended
  6. Merged duplicate appeals into original...
  7. Making 5 separate appeals is not necessary, besides the entire appeal is taken from someone else's appeal. We banned you for cheating NOT doxxing. The ban is temporary so we will not be accepting appeals for this ban as indicated in this forum's description, but for the record it is correct
  8. The ban for cheating won't be removed and we will not debate this ban anywhere
  9. @Kaikek we do not accept appeals for temporary bans, but for the record the ban is correct
  10. Tut


    The ban will not be removed
  11. We have already given you a final response on your other forum account and will not be having any debate with you (previous appeal https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/132196-ac-4-trainer/)
  12. Tut


    Temporary bans cannot be appealed, it is correct though
  13. The ban will not be removed
  14. This was the third time we temporarily banned you within a few months of each, no reason to shorten the ban
  15. Kam's doesn't export vertex normals, only smoothing groups. If you cannot resolve this by tweaking the model's smoothing groups, then you will need to use The Hero's DFF plugin instead. https://gtaforums.com/topic/838479-dff-importer-and-exporter-for-3ds-max/
  16. Tut


    I've had a reply saved for your appeal when I would reach it in the queue, but since you're in a hurry: The ban will not be removed
  17. Tut


    I have moved your duplicate appeal into the original, there is no need to create multiple appeals.
  18. The ban for cheating is correct
  19. We have banned you on two different occasions this year, and both are correct
  20. Banned for cheating, and it will not be removed
  21. Tut


    Banned for cheating, and it will not be removed
  22. It's too late to think about not cheating again - the ban will never be removed
  23. Doesn't appear to be a MTA ban
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