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Player Nametags and tanks

Guest hyridium

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Player Nametags would be cool .. so you know who's who! ..

Tanks .. i know would be a problem .. but one tank per game radomly appearing in different loacations would be good .. ;)

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I don't think we will implement tanks into MTA, it would be damn hard to balance it out to other players, maybe there is going to be somekind of 'war in lc' gametype with only tanks and (fortified) Barracks OL, who knows... but not for the foreseeable future, thats for sure.

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player tags on roll-over would be great if gta3 had a smoother firing system, right now aiming is good, but not pin-point. That may require a hack possibly, but the controls possibly need loosening or something so the mouse movements act more like an fps (if its possible)

While im here, ill ask if its possible to have people walk while firing all weapons (bar rocket launcher, sniper rifle etc)

i mean running round (very slowely) with a flamethrower might not be smart (that could be left as is) but with a shotgun, ak, m16 you should be able to walk around and shoot with. Not to sure about projectiles and how they will work though.

also, is it possible to enable jumping and shooting???

All this is for future ver, and im wondering if its actually possible... thanks =)

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now that would make drivin the tank worth while for me. blastin away with the tank while listening to double cleff! 8) or gang bangin with the enforcer listening to game radio.vwhere the players play, the pimpers pimp, and the hustlers hustle on yo.

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yeah, give em all rocket launchers., tanks, and army vehicles for a game mod. "liberty city, MARTIAL LAW"

i expected this to happen in vice city. i wass hoping for a you+ all your allies vs. sonny and the mafia. didn't really happen

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:D well i did say one tank .. ;) but randomly placed, so it wouldn't be easy to find .. and of course this tank would have to able to be killed .. bit stupid having tanks that are immortal .. ;) it was only second to my nametags suggestion anyway .. :idea: come to think of it, a few more cars on the other islands would be good too .. ;) but hey! we got the multiplay running fairly good now .. so i'm happy either way .. ;) nice one MTA ..
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:arrow: I expect:

- Everybody can use his own player skins

- More cars to drive (including policecar and Tank)

- A functionable chat system

- Weapons!

:arrow: Also very interresting:

- Mod support

- Spray Logos

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