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reatins about this mod

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id give the whole project a 10 even tho its in total infancy

i've not bothered to even try it yet, because I want to wait until its a stable version, with at least 2 players able to walk, drive, interact, etc.

I do check this place daily, and spam a lil here and there (Mr. Bill: lol...ya, im gonna post just lol one day and see if you asleep at the switch), and drool over the whole idea of it all.

the fact that mp code is still in the engine code friggin ownz. I have faith these gentlemen (and ladies if there are any, or any cross-dressers) to make this one of the most popular mods around. I mean, GTA3 outsold just about everything (in consoles i think its #1 all time, and the only games to outsell it on PC were Sims crap, Warcraft, Diablo2, and Half-Life...I dont count MMOG's).

my figures mebbe not exact, but I cannot think of a more popular game besides CS/HL and Sims. To be able to play this most awesome of games ever produced gives me a diamond-cutter (thats a boner for you 13 year olds).

ok, back to playing Freelancer while i wait impatiently

oh, and so i get it out of my system now:

when will this be released?

when is this gonna be done?

how do i install .3?

why wont .3 do

where can i find .4?



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