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Lots of suggestions(Ones that are a must)

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First, for .3, Make it where u can send a game request by pushing a button, like f12, so u dont have to alt tab

Put the chat back in, like press m to chat, enter to send

For future updates: Use clickteams Patchmaker, this will be ALOT smaller file than a full reinstall.

Instructons, Keep a folder with old version(i.e .3) and then the new folder with newer version(.4 mayb)

Use Patch maker and choose the folders, patchmaker finds the differences in the files, and only patches the changes, instead of a complete new exe, this would help us 56k users out alot.

Then, Seperate Downloads.

Dont bunch them all in one file, why would you dl linux server if you have windows, put seperate files to dl, and dl if u want it.

Ie, Launcher in 1, mta in another, servers seperate

u get the drift.

And last nut def not least. ZIP THE INSTALLERS!!

lol took me 45mins to dl mta.3!!

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and where did all the parked cars go? bring them back! i wanna do some multiplayer dodo flying! the only cars left are diablo stallions, mafia sentinels, taxis, a coach, some police cars, and a banshee :(

I've added two dodo's One is near Salvatore's mansion near the water, the other is opposite from your hideout in portland.

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I'm guessing the reason its impossible to kill someone is to make it easier to respsawne, to release it early, because theres no need for you dto do anything, if you noticed, your ammo (use gunsgunsguns you'll see) stay the same, you dont loose anything, you dont even die, your just teleported back to the character start out.

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I gave the players 900 health, so they would never die. I have simulated the death by triggering the respawn when your health goes below 800, so you still have the same amount of hitpoints (100). However, there are still some bugs, and sometimes the program seems to ignore that script. If, for instance, you land in the water, and it doesn't respawn you, try typing 'gesundheit'. It will lower your health to 100 hitpoints. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. There are ofcourse reasons for it, or I would never have done it like that. I will try to make the death scene more convincing, but I cannot promise I'll use the standard 100 hitpoints, as there are some complications when a player dies. (like the colors changing to odd neon-like because of the fading to whitescreen)

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you the man, trx. Bills right, I also think that the cars actually look kinda cool when they go that funny blue color. and the fact that I was able to stay in a game for like an hour and a half shows me that you guys have made some great progress. peace out.

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:!: Read this :!:

Change the game-engine so (at some point that is!), that the launcher will get focus in 30 secs after you have launched GTA3. or if the focus has been done manually, the 30sec counter doesnt apply.

something like this (its not working code, but it gives the idea):

counter = 30; //secs
while(counter > 0 || window.focus == false){
 sleep 1; //I dunno how it works on c++, but i think you get the idea.
} else {
 counter = 0;

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I have a great suggestion:A serverbrowser!!!You pick from a list,you click one,press a button,and go!None of this start game,open mta client,then ase..Look for ip..Copy to box...Wait a million years for the fu**in' credits...Then olny get to have a uzi,and have other players have 1000 health becouse they cheat...It gets tiresome.

How about an obsticle course just off the island to go get weapons,like 50 grenades after jumping to the island...Then having to kill 300 yakuza for a flamethrower.Then,jumping over water for the rocket launcher,but not using enough speed to jump over the platform with the ammo.

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*sigh*... I almost wish warlord was here to flame ya :P

ASE *IS* a server browser... it just isn't built into a fancy window in MTA.

Only the uzi works yet

1000 health isn't a cheat. You're supposed to start with a little under that. Of course, even if people had 10 health, you probably wouldn't be able to kill them, since the guns don't work all that well anyways.

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