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Found 9 results

  1. Blz Galera, Alguém pode me ajudar? quero ter no meu server aquelas caixas militares estáticas para lootear nos pontos de respawn de players e não consigo fazer. Me deem uma ajuda ou indiquem alguma forma de realizar isso, pois na WIKI tem muita coisa confusa sobre! ????
  2. local skin = 1 function onps() if getElementModel == 0 then skin = 0 else skin = 1 end end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, onps) function onspn(source) if skin == 0 then setElementModel(source, 0) else end end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, onspn) This is a Script that is suppose to keep the skin same as CJ if Cj skin was applied when the player died ( obviously u guys will know from the code) But its or some reason not functioning , and i am not a pro either so please help me with this
  3. Hi, i tried to make a resource to spawn with parachute every time player has death, but dont work, what is wrong ? if i put onplayerspawn, spawns with parachute every time logged in, i only need spawns with parachute only when the player is death, some like OnplayerRespawn ? function onPlayerWasted() giveWeapon(source,getWeaponIDFromName("parachute"),1,true) end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",getRootElement(),onPlayerWasted)
  4. Hola , queria una ayuda con el respawn de hospitales mas cercanos , quiero que los users vayan al hospital mas cercano cuando mueren , pero no puedo , siempre me dirije el hospital LS , cerca de groove, desactive el play para ver si era eso , sin embargo me seguia pasando lo mismo , me dirigia al hospital ls , y entonces desactive el respawn que tenia puesto , y cuando moria iba al mismo hospital LS , y nose como sacar ese respawn que solo vaya al hospital ls.
  5. Hello guys, I would like to know if anyone could help me with the spawn and respawn system on my roleplay mta server? *When I enter the server for the first time, I'm going to the city hall next to the police station in LS. *the problem comes up when I die and instead of going to a hospital, I go to the city hall in the standard spawn. * I die in any city, I return to the LS hospital and after 1 second I go back to the normal spawn in city hall. * Another problem is that I can not remove the car spawn on the map that comes standard with mta. (On spawn locations) *** I'm using GM Play What I wanted for the server is: - Remove Spawn Cars - When I entered the server, the player went to the city hall (next to the police station) in LS. - The player will be moved to the hospital in the city from which he died. (Example): I die in the city of LV, and I go to the hospital of LV Someone to help? I'm using gm play. I'm Very beginner in script Thanks!
  6. Hey, just scoped around the forum and I've seen that solidsnake14 has submitted a script that upon death it respawns you to the nearest hospital: hospitalsTable = { { 1177.7994384766, -1323.0667724609, 14.088536262512 }, { -2656.2421875, 635.99420166016, 14.453125 }, { 1607.1225585938, 1817.8732910156, 10.8203125 }, } function findNearestHostpital(thePlayer) local nearest = nil local min = 999999 for key,val in pairs(hospitalsTable) do local xx,yy,zz=getElementPosition(thePlayer) local x1=val[1] local y1=val[2] local z1=val[3] local dist = getDistanceBetweenPoints2D(xx,yy,x1,y1) if distthen nearest = val min = dist end end return nearest[1],nearest[2],nearest[3] end function spawn(player) local xx,yy,zz = findNearestHostpital(player) spawnPlayer( player, xx,yy,zz) fadeCamera(player,true,3.0) end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function() fadeCamera(source,false,6.0,0,0,0) setTimer(spawn, 8000, 1, source) end ) I have tried to use it on my server and it doesn't work, all it does is just infinite loop of camera going left and right. No debug output messages at all.
  7. I'm trying to create a custom pickup which gets destroyed when a player touches it, and respawns after 5 seconds I've created the custom pickup using "createPickup", and also placed a colSphere (using "createColSphere") at the same position. When the player hits the pickup for the first time, it disappears and respawns successfully 5 seconds later. However, after it has respawned once, it won't destroy again when you touch it. My code is below. local x = 3985.1799316406 local y = -1973.4870605469 local z = 27.812973022461 pickup = createPickup(x, y, z, 3, 1242) -- create custom pickup pickupCol = createColSphere ( x, y, z, 1) -- create colSphere for pickup function removePickup() destroyElement(pickup) -- destroy pickup destroyElement(pickupCol) -- destroy pickup colsphere setTimer(function() pickup = createPickup(x, y, z, 3, 1242) pickupCol = createColSphere ( x, y, z, 1) end, 5000, 1) -- spawn new pickup and colsphere after 5 seconds end addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", pickupCol, removePickup ) Any thoughts? edit: I did try using the respawnTime argument on createPickup, for 5 seconds, but it didn't have any effect, which is why I'm trying to do it this way. No errors returning either.
  8. Hello I need a script that will automatically remove all unused and damaged cars from the map
  9. Hello everyone. I need to destroy a vehicle that is idle for 60 seconds (Freeroam already has this function, so this part is unnecessary to make.) It starts counting when the vehicle becomes totally empty, (with no driver and no passengers), if someone enters in it before 60 seconds (as passenger or driver), the counting stops and restarts when the vehicle becomes empty again.) (Freeroam already works like this.) BUT If the car is from a .map, it need to be respawned to its original position on the map. Else if the car was created by a player (F1, command, Admin Panel, scripts, etc) so it will be destroyed. How can I differentiate the vehicles created by the .map from those created by the players? Also, when the vehicle gets exploded: if it is from a .map it will respawn after 10 seconds, else if was created by a player it will be destroyed after 10 seconds. I have a little script that respawn all vehicles that have been exploded. But it respawns all the vehicles created by players too... -- 1 second = 1000 function respawnExplodedVehicle() setTimer(respawnVehicle, 10000, 1, source) end addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), respawnExplodedVehicle)
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