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Found 2 results

  1. Hi .. I'm wondering about the server side and the client side, what's the difference between them in code ? for my case, I am using bone_attach mod and attached a case to the localPlayer, whats the difference if I wrote it in client side, or server side ? will it show up to the people If I attached it in the client side ?, Please provide me with information as much as possible. Thanks in Advance
  2. Hello everyone. I need to destroy a vehicle that is idle for 60 seconds (Freeroam already has this function, so this part is unnecessary to make.) It starts counting when the vehicle becomes totally empty, (with no driver and no passengers), if someone enters in it before 60 seconds (as passenger or driver), the counting stops and restarts when the vehicle becomes empty again.) (Freeroam already works like this.) BUT If the car is from a .map, it need to be respawned to its original position on the map. Else if the car was created by a player (F1, command, Admin Panel, scripts, etc) so it will be destroyed. How can I differentiate the vehicles created by the .map from those created by the players? Also, when the vehicle gets exploded: if it is from a .map it will respawn after 10 seconds, else if was created by a player it will be destroyed after 10 seconds. I have a little script that respawn all vehicles that have been exploded. But it respawns all the vehicles created by players too... -- 1 second = 1000 function respawnExplodedVehicle() setTimer(respawnVehicle, 10000, 1, source) end addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), respawnExplodedVehicle)
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