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Found 5 results

  1. BoOoStEd

    Low FPS

    Hi! I'm having problems playing on RP servers. My laptop should handle MTA just fine, but I only get ~30 (Sometimes dropping to 10-20 while driving) and in interior ~40 FPS. What could be the problem? Laptop specs: I7-10870H on 4.5Ghz turbo GTX 1660 TI 24GB DDR4 ram MTA on NVMe SSD 1 Gbps network (I don't know if it matters, maybe in loading textures) Tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling MTA, installing older DirectX, changing settings, etc..
  2. Eu jogo mta a 40 50 fps em media. Meu MTA atualizou e agora fico a 15 fps cravado Já formatei meu Pc e não deu em nada alguém me ajuda por favor
  3. hello i have a problem Several weeks ago I deleted the game, and then today I downloaded it again, but I am facing a problem, there is a slight slowdown in the game even though my device's specifications are very strong ram: 8 nividia gtx geforce 1650 intel i7-9th gen
  4. Not very sure if that is the right place to post this if it's not please let me know where should I do so. So my problem is kind of rare I believe as I searched it and did not find a thing. I was playing regularly when of all sudden I had feeling I am getting FPS drops.. so the server I am playing in has FPS indicator to show your current FPS. It was not moving from 60/61 as usually but indeed they were fps drops. I opened MSI afterburner for better results and saw this: As you can see on Framerate, FPS there is a little drop the reason for that is because I had locked max fps to 84 and then changed it to 60 ( the straight line is 60/61 as you can see it is stable AF ) So the fps measurement shows that it is fine but in reality I am getting weird fps drops. Any ideas what may cause this or how do I fix it? Is it possible that my gpu bottlenecks the game? Thanks in advance!
  5. laks

    Problems with FPS

    Hi all. Today i'm sharing my problem with you hoping that you gonna help me, for some weeks ago i have a problem with my fps, i am playing MTA in Destruction Derby, and i am playing a lot clan wars, but when i am playing and i start using nos it drop my fps and also when i am hitting someone, i tried a lot things, like clearing my pc, analyzing my pc, closing every software while i am playing also with Administrator of tasks windows, but that isn't solved my problem, i am still playing with :~ fps when i am using nos or hitting someone, it's a big problem for me because a lot players are crying because they think i am using " fraps, bandicam" while i don't even have these softwares in my files. I thought about buying another computer but i don't want tp spent my money just for a game and this computer is working good atm, i just have problems with MTA. Earlier these problems happens, my computer hadn't problems with my fps. So i hope someone can help me. Thanks you for reading.
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