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  1. i know u guys dont really like me but, i wanna know, will the OPTION be available to have hunter wepons on ur server ? Also could we please have an integrated ADMIN panel so u can kick people from ur server INGAME? maybe by typing /kick (name)
  2. yeh, u just gotta be clever and you can aviod being killed by em, try standing near a car and if it comes at you, enter the car, safe
  3. hmm ok, heres a solution, make your config.cfg, READ ONLY, then you'll be protected
  4. I dont know wot your goin on about m8, non of my clan experienced ANY of these problems!
  5. um no, the MTA team said it 'MAY' cause game instability not it WILL cause it
  6. yeh me and my clan all went red once, and we didnt shoot each other by mistake cos u see a red nametag comin at u and u know its friendly, you could have colour teams too, blue vs red for example
  7. hmm, i dont know what u did their, but you paste it into client, its best for use in your name, and only at the beginning of your name, your name can be a MAX of 7 characters AFTER the CODE!
  8. someone once joined my game from ase and i noticed that their whole name didnt fit in the screen, and mta caused it to make their text alter colour sligtly. I so thought hmm maybe its possible to use colour codes like in mta 0.1. and well IT IS!!! heres some codes for you, put them before your name with no space, u may have to shorten your name if it wont fit, i dont reccommend using ase to enter your name as it may affect the aoutcome, change your name in your client. RE-EDIT Ok with some help from my good friend 'blues' who somtimes plays on my server i have learned to control the code, so here the list of the colours in their solid form EDIT BY ME (the moderator): Using color nicknames is known to cause problems with MTA:VC. Please, do not use them. So if your name was Dave you would put **Dave and your name would be Dave in game BUT IN RED!!!!! EDIT: there, to get that string of colour i pasted this into my client: EDIT2: I forgot to mention, IT COLOURS YOUR NAMETAG TOO!!!! EDIT3: OMG OMG OMG, i just discovered that u CAN use the code in your MOTD.txt server file! if u do u get this: DJ-Mills ([email protected])
  9. Always happy to help, i do little things like that all the time I EVEN made a mod for vice wich allows vehicle mods in MTA:VC 0.2 WHICH I WILL NOT DISTRIBUTE, SO DONT ASK!!! I made it for private use only with my mta clan
  10. DO NOT USE http://www.xblock.com/download/xclean_micro.exe when i used it i lost all my network drivers, stupid proggy! Use Spybot - Search & Destroy, its full featured and freeware
  11. Yeh the pane; works, but, have you tried connecting it when someone is already in server?, ILLEGAL OPERATION CAUSED anyway i think the client should have 2 connect buttons one for game & one for admin (if you have correct pass) then u could type /kick (name) while playing
  12. I have a solution, i downloaded a vice mp3 randomizer, then i removed the part that runs Vice, so i can click the shotcut for the randomizer, it randomizes the mp3s, and then i click start game on my MTA:VC Client! here ya go ENJOY, please note: it does not show any notification when randomisation is done, your computer simply loads a bit then its done, takes about 1 second. place it in your vice folder NOT MP3 FOLDER! http://www.angelfire.com/punk4/dj-mills ... omiser.exe
  13. I noticed some problems when using the old admin panel with MTA:VC 0.2 servers, if theres players in the server when the panel connects, it crashes, SO how do i kick people from my server without the panel?
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