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  1. Gay Theft Auto: vice community
  2. As we all know, MTA VC doesn't support 98 for it's memory issues. Well, will u fix that problem? Did u find the problem making timeout in 98? I myself have XP so u don't need to tell me to upgrade but i got some friends in other forum that still have 98 and really wanna play it.
  3. Wait a minute... who is making this mod? MTA? and it will be a free mod?and what game will i need to run this thing? GTA 3? Vice City? Both?
  4. Tell me, where did u get the 2nd pecker? all i know is about the pecker in the 1st city here: where is the other place?
  5. u need a software that can record movies from games.. like fraps.
  6. thx guys it was very fun too although the collecting of the cars can be a quite boring if u do it with another guy.
  7. how the fuck do u do the wall riding thing?
  8. Me and my friend edddie made the greatest jump i saw: 26 cars! so let's begin: First of all some pics the making the line of the cars as we get one car at a time and run all the way back to the city: And finally a picture from air of all the cars: And here we start with the jumps: Finally, I made a huge mistake and fliped one of the cars so it exploded and all the cars got on fire and exploded too so we just made some jumps: The same picture only from diffrent angle: Hope you enjoyed it.
  9. also about random cars? not that i have problems with it.. i mean we saw what andom cars can do when they Unsynched in GGM
  10. I say don't install any thing that will change your game MTA needs clean install of VC in all computers playing the server so if one player is getting in changes it can crush himself and other players.
  11. Am I the only one thinks that devolping fun game modes to make the game less boring is more importent than stupid MD?
  12. OH MY GOD! u really mean that? MTA is offically doesn't support 98?? well i think that's the first time i hear about a program that support only 2000\XP. Well, i think u should write it in some places on the site like the news and the FAQ so ppl can see it and know that the game doesn't work for them because they have 98 on their machine.
  13. chill out man.. they didn't mean to do it and i'm sure they'll fix it when they will know how.
  14. well i'll add more pictures of mine here if u don't mind:
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