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  1. Can you please describe your problem with more details? Which panel, which accessories?
  2. https://mirror.multitheftauto.com/mtasa/utils/servicing.bat pobierz i uruchom, wykonuj polecenia z konsoli, po zakończeniu zrestartuj komputer i daj znać czy pomogło, to dość ciężki temat bo powodów może być bardzo wiele, i ciężko to zdiagnozować
  3. You can just check if there are any occupants, and if soo just continue to execute rest of the function (i have no clue why the code spacing is soo weird...) for element,exists in pairs(square.list[trtype]) do local occupants = getVehicleOccupants(element) local occupantsCount = 0 for seat, player in pairs(occupants) do occupantsCount = occupantsCount + 1 end if occupantsCount > 0 then local destroy = false for seat,ped in pairs (occupants) do --THATS THE 408 LINE if not population.peds[ped] then destroy = false end end if destroy then destroyElement(element) for seat,ped in pairs(occupants) do destroyElement(ped) end end end end
  4. you need to define it at the top of your .php file require_once(__DIR__ . '/Autoloader.php');
  5. You can just take the example from their GitHub page, the only thing that you need to know is to set query port ASE, you do that by adding 123 to server port, default server port is 22003, then query port will be 22126. $GameQ = new \GameQ\GameQ(); $GameQ->addServer([ 'type' => 'mta', 'host' => '', 'options' => [ 'query_port' => 22126, // SERVER PORT + 123 !IMPORTANT ], ]); $results = $GameQ->process(); //print_r($results); // will return all data recieved thru query print_r($results[""]["gq_numplayers"]); // will return only "gq_numplayers" which is player count, uncomment line above to see more stuff u can put here Feel free to ping me if you need any help
  6. skin Andrzeja Dudy, dodatkowo obiekt długopisa na głowę (pod MTA, wystarczy attachElements) filmik prezentujący skin link do pobrania na desperadosa skin został wykonany przeze mnie, paczka jest na mega więc link na pewno nie wygaśnie, jak robicie reuploady to najlepiej podawajcie ten link
  7. You are using pirated GTA San Andreas version, please get original one from Steam or Rockstar Social Club. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/12120/
  8. Well, maybe better way is to create logs? When someone kill other player you can create log which is gonna have player ID, SERIAL, IP, account etc. Soo it will be easier to identify him.
  9. Niestety nie ma takiej możliwości
  10. Thats literally what i wrote.
  11. You need to include also .TXD from SA-MP files (gta3.img as far as i remember). For example for object 'MBridge150m1.dff' you need cs_ebridge.txd, you can check which TXD you need by typing model name/id over here. , fe. MBridge150m1
  12. If you don't have textures and model don't use one of the built-in then obviously they are white, can you give me SAMP objects ID's of those models?
  13. Well, if i understood you properly, you want to allow this function to work, only if you have this item with ID 88? If soo then just add it in first IF statement. if not gpsBlips[playerID] and exports.global:hasItem(localPlayer, 88) then Also, you need to change localPlayer to player element.
  14. Did you included all .txd files also?
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