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  1. I have this code, but it is not endless. It comes to the end of the graphics and jumps to the beginning, it's not the effect I wanted to get local x = 0 local ecgSpeed = 1; addEventHandler('onClientRender', root, function() x = x - ecgSpeed if (x <= -388) then x = 0; end dxDrawImageSection(pulseX, pulseY, pulseW, pulseH, x, 0, 388, 77, pulse) end);
  2. How can I do such endless sliding? This is my old script, but unfortunately I don't have it and I don't remember completely how I did it then. I know it's about dxDrawImageSection, but I can't remember what exactly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoIjcwZ8Gqg
  3. Use dxCreateTexture instead of image path, and use destroyElement when do you want remove image from memory
  4. If you don't use ACL accounts, use table with getPlayerSerial
  5. Hi i want make circle progress bar with dxDrawImageSection and i do it, but i have weird bug and i don't know how can i fix it. My progress bar with 1% https://imgur.com/o7uCKPX My progress bar with 59% https://imgur.com/JAhOUdA I know about width is wrong, but i don't know how can i fix it My code local a = 59; addEventHandler('onClientRender', root, function() if (a <= 60) then local div = a / 60; dxDrawImageSection(rend['rpm'][1], rend['rpm'][2], rend['rpm'][3] * div, rend['rpm'][3]*0.6, 0, 0, 268 * div, 268*0.6, tex[9], 0,0,0, 0xFFFFFFFF); else dxDrawImageSection(rend['rpm'][1], rend['rpm'][2], rend['rpm'][3], rend['rpm'][3] * (a / 100), 0, 0, 268, 268 * (a / 100), tex[9], 0,0,0, 0xFFFFFFFF); end end); addCommandHandler('setpr', function(cmd,b) a = tonumber(b); end);
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