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  1. It's not race. A friend who had a large server in the range of 300-400 players told me that he had the same problems with fading map parts. I left a look at the grid part of the scripts and there is nothing that excludes part of maps, pickups or markers. I believe the problem is in my MTA server, I will now update it to the latest version to see if the problem is solved. But if not, I have no idea what it might be: /
  2. Several, it is random, they are not specific.
  3. It happens to all users, objects disappear, they are deleted. Besides, it doesn't just happen with maps, markers, pickups and others happen the same thing. Get out of nowhere! Yes, if that happened only with maps, there would be no problems. The point is that even markers are disappearing.
  4. No, they do disappear. Today, for example, I was talking to a friend on a map when I turned the mouse to the side and he disappeared. These are things that happen out of nowhere and only come back if I restart
  5. I believe that this is not the problem as there are simple maps that are missing parts. Besides, it's not just the maps, they are markers, pickups and others that disappear too. It is as if they are invisible because they continue to work if I pass where they were, they just disappear.
  6. Hello, I need help. My server is disappearing things for no apparent reason, markers, pickups, parts of maps and other things for no reason disappear. I restart and go back, but they disappear again in the future. Does anyone know what this can be?
  7. ciclano

    [HELP] Voice

    Hello, I'm having problems with my voice ;/. Unfortunately for some time it started to get really bad, the voices are breaking too much do not come out clean. How to find out the cause of this?
  8. Can external connections from my server to the mta server give players time out? My players at some point take time out from the server for no reason, my dedicated is online and without problems, I can execute commands on the MTA console but for players who are in it is time out as if the server had gone down. I took a look at the logs and the only reason I found this was the protection of the dedicated bar ips.
  9. ciclano

    Lag issues

    How can I know what exactly is causing the high CPU usage? Regarding the commands, I have logs of everything that is typed. I took a look at them and there's nothing weird Apparently the MTA is not using all the cores I have.
  10. ciclano

    Lag issues

    Apparently the higher the Logic Thread CPU the longer the delay, but I'm not sure. https://prnt.sc/vi5u61 I don't know if this is normal, but the MTA processes on my VPS are many.
  11. ciclano

    Lag issues

    Thank you very much for the tips, I managed to solve the problem of this script. But the delay on the server still continued, it is not something that always happens but when it happens it lasts several minutes. Is there any way I can find out what is causing this or if it can be my vps? There is nothing high about IPB https://prnt.sc/vi5h1s https://prnt.sc/vi5jwn
  12. ciclano

    Lag issues

    This now to request the groups, I put a general delay. If one player opens the other, he will only be able to open it 8 seconds later. I removed the functions of loading groups when a player logs in. And I removed elementData by saving everything in tables. But still the use is a little high, the problem is that the use is not constant but when I have many players online between 250-300 it gets to use 70% of the IPB and falls, but it keeps going up all the time. Another problem that may be causing lag (https://prnt.sc/vi3p2s) whenever a group is modified all players on the server have their table on the "client-side" updated. These executions for everyone only happen when an ADMIN creates or modifies a group. Another doubt, I see this high usage in the performancebrowser but only in the server-side tab, it means that the problem comes from there or that it is going there
  13. ciclano

    Lag issues

    Because the server has 200 online, it had 300 executions EDIT: It is worth remembering that the 300 executions include not only requesting the groups but also changes in the members and the group in general. I will go for a while to perform these executions, for example, if a player pressed a button to load the groups, the others must wait 5 seconds to load the groups. This should already help, but I believe the problem will remain. In addition to this requestGroups function, I have other functions that perform executions when a player is removed from a group, or the group is updated as is: https://prnt.sc/vi3fw6 https://prnt.sc/vi3g76 https://prnt.sc/vi3gb1 https://prnt.sc/vi3gr0 I believe that at this point there is no problem, but what would be your opinion. Could it cause any instability?
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