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  1. currently the bots can only have 1 weapon at a time, so weapon switching isn't really possible. The team bug is something I was made aware of, and im working to solve it properly rather than just a patch job. Throwable weapons are a a problem because peds can't throw projectiles weapons( or at least last I checked, maybe that's changed) and the only way to do it would be some hacky createProjectile method.
  2. Great, way to accidentally create a race of superzombies. hope your happy about dooming us all.
  3. Very neat, I hope you release it.
  4. this was a bug with parachute, cause me to do that a lot. It hasn't happened with recent updates however (at least to me)
  5. Slothman

    need scripter

    sounds like the kind of server I would want to play in. I wish you luck with this.
  6. Does this happen with all servers?
  7. is that a spambot that forgot to link to the product?
  8. not sure if i understand the questions. what are the objects he's looking for?
  9. SOPA isn't up for a vote, and online petitions do nothing. Awareness is important though.
  10. Slothman


    Educating yourself on the actual nature of the potential laws will answer this question, you shouldn't need an official announcement. It's important people know why SOPA and PIPA would be terrible for the internet in general, and not just panic from hearing propaganda.
  11. That's correct, you will need to reapply the animation using the event onClientElementStreamIn.
  12. in the future , it's best that gamemode makers keep their resource seperate from the actual zombies resource to avoid these sort of issues. even if you got it working, its running off an old version of zombies.
  13. BUG FIX Better late than never. This is just an update to make the script work. It doesn't add any new features or optimization. That may come later if you treat me nice. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=672
  14. That's a good idea for server owners to make sure they keep the players happy. I just hope people don't all rate things bad cause they just died and are in a bad mood about it.
  15. It's important to delay any changes to a ped after creating it, as it seems to take a tiny fraction of a second for the ped to spawn.
  16. I didnt help make that gamemode, I made the zombies resource that the gamemode uses.
  17. you are never supposed to use negative numbers for radar area sizes.
  18. the way i have the spawnpoints working is that as soon as a player is close enough to a spawnpoint, but not too close, the zombies start spawning untill the maximun number of zombies is reached. so it can look like they all stream in at once. I did offset the effect by making the script wait untill at least 2 spawnpoints are close, so they dont all come out of just 1 spot. Overall I reccomend just using the random placement. the only drawback is that they cant spawn indoors that way.
  19. if more scripts used the edf options, people might be used to it by now.
  20. its a great idea, just needs some work. try using the bone_attach resource to have the guns attach more n aturally, and make older unused weapons dissapear when you get a new weapon of the same slot, so it doesnt all pile up EDIT:oh, i see you already fixed the slot thing! good job!
  21. Slothman

    Click sounds

    use the loud synthy ones from vc!
  22. sounds like you need to lower the zombie limit to slow down their spawning.
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