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  1. I do not know what the code do you have, but you can check length of the text and move a line. local text = "hello, im text" if string.length(text) > 5 then local leftPartOfText = string.sub(text, 0, 5) local rightPartOfText = string.sub(text, 5) text = leftPartOfText .. "\n" .. rightPartOfText end
  2. several reasons, use setTimer with triggerClientEvent then
  3. Предлагать оплату после завершения - плохая идея
  4. You seem to imply that setElementVisibleTo destroys the element, not hides it
  5. I see a lot of errors in the code Need logs /debugscript 3 And it's not a fact that the spawn event is triggered after the login event
  6. local times = {['10m'] = 10 * 60000, ['1h'] = 60 * 60000} -- print(times['10m']) local timeUnits = {['m'] = 60000} -- 10m local number = string.match('10m', '%d+') local unit = string.match('10m', '%a+') -- print(tonumber(number) * timeUnits[unit])
  7. Yes, use web-server and API
  8. A business in which you guarantee a large profit, but do not want to invest...
  9. Should be: setElementData(localPlayer, "zaladowany", false) In onClientResourceStop event
  10. check arguments in use your function isCursorOnElement
  11. I think it's the models problem Disable them and check
  12. Use 'client' instead 'zplayer' (https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/TriggerServerEvent) Zplayer on server-side is not an argument, its a root
  13. U cant enter to vehicle only if vehicle is created on client side or you have event onVehicleEnter with cancelEvent()
  14. May be u use custom nametag script
  15. @sinakh i dont know ur mta mod U need to find script which use 'setPlayerName' function and remove this Example: setPlayerName(player, 'nickname' .. math.random(99999))
  16. "i need ... player account name instaead nikname ... example script that can save player nickname and after login set player nickname to saved nikname" @sinakh want that If he want to save nickname (player), not nickname (which was account name and was saved in accountData): addEventHandler('onPlayerLogin', root, function(_,account) local name = getAccountData(account, 'savedName') if not name then name = getPlayerName(source) setAccountData(account, 'savedName', name) end setPlayerName(source, name) end)
  17. Set account name instead nickname: addEventHandler('onPlayerLogin', root, function(_,account) setPlayerName(source, getAccountName(account)) end) Save account name on first server login and loading: addEventHandler('onPlayerLogin', root, function(_,account) local accName = getAccountData(account, 'savedName') if not accName then accName = getAccountName(account) setAccountData(account, 'savedName', accName) end setPlayerName(source, accName) end)
  18. You need to create custom smoke Check it here: https://github.com/alcoholiclobster/drift-paradise-mta https://github.com/alcoholiclobster/drift-paradise-mta/blob/1bc6b1bf6520b1818c54b7fb9b75f97f9b290e69/[core]/dpVehicles/client/tyres_smoke.lua
  19. take here: https://github.com/alcoholiclobster/drift-paradise-mta/blob/1bc6b1bf6520b1818c54b7fb9b75f97f9b290e69/[core]/dpWheelsManager/assets/shaders/wheel.fx
  20. i'll be use: local vehicle = createVehicle(...) local rotation = 0 addEventHandler('onClientRender', root, function() rotation = rotation + 0.5 -- I think, i shouldn't check and set rotation 0, if value will be > 360 setElementRotation(vehicle, 0, 0, rotation) end)
  21. getElementData(player, 'id') can be nil
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