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  1. Greetings yes, i have my own game mode. National. Come play together.
  2. Greetings to all, dear sirs. We present to you our National project with its national game mode. Here you can be the president of your nation, speak the language of your nation. Every corner of the map is a village, city, and the whole country. You can capture other cities or villages of countries, but not capital cities. In the gang system, if you are the head of a gang, then you are the president, the rest who join you are assistants or deputies of the president. The server currently has basic functions and systems. Car system, businesses, license plates, tinting, tuning, banking, buying clothes and weapons, gang system and so on. We are waiting for you on our project. We will be glad to every person who joins us on the server and goes to our project. Thank you for the attention. The project also needs lua, c ++, c # programmers. We will be glad to all people who want to help. Our group on the VK social network: https://vk.com/nationalproject Our site, so far without a domain:
  3. Great work bro, do you want to return to the project? i'll do advertising right now
  4. Hello, how to compile mtasa-blue on linux, in general, installed the linux image, did everything as in the instructions, but still it is not clear, can you please help compile on linux?
  5. mta diag will not detect the problem as I have another gta, and before that it worked until I compiled again. this is a source code problem, I host normal stable mta source code, if you have drop please
  6. Hello, I compiled the latest version of Mta night build, and an error occurred when entering the server. Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x001B51FF EAX = 1EA7BD48 EBX = 00000000 ECX = 005389C4 EDX = 000002C4 ESI = 0000032D EDI = 00000000 EBP = 008E2CB0 ESP = 0177FD08 EIP = 005B51FF FLG = 002102 = 002 0053 GS = 002B. Help me please. downloaded the source code from here for the latest version. 5 hours and 46 minutes I'm trying to compile so that it goes to the server in my LAN. but one and the same error comes out, it pisses me off already.
  7. thanks, where's the next Well, that is, where to replace the picture of this screensaver?
  8. how to remove the stop playing with yourself mta splash screen and how to replace it with your picture
  9. Find someone please, need to make a setelement data for one script.
  10. с чего ты взял что я руский? где я говорил что я руский, я не славянин, я римлянин раз ты хочешь узнать какой я нации и народа. И я Молдованин. Problem solved
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