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  1. You can use handling mods in some servers in the new version of MTA, but remember that it doesnt work anywhere. If you really want to use handling mods then you can join the server "[ROG] Republic of Gaming Free roam zone!", we allow modded handling there, (but not cheats!!!).
  2. OK guys, thanks for the tip about the nightly build, it helped, with 250 more servers but now i have about 302/895, wtf? it found 300 servers, what happend to the others, man i dont get this client, can it really be the cache of the game monitor... i dont think so cuz when you have a server on it's like an program included and it doesnt matter if you have game monitor on, you can still have a fully running server, that's why i dont think it can be the cache that is make that. What do you guys think?
  3. 1.0.4 sir, but i've had this problem on the previous versions too but i didnt post a topic about it but now im quite anoyed cuz it's not fun. I can add that refreshing doesnt help that much, the server never goes over 100 even if there are more.
  4. Hi, i have a problem that irritates me, i can connect to the server and play and so on, but when i refresh the server list in the browser it wont show all servers,only like 30-50 servers which is wierd since the server counter shows more than that. Down on the server counter it uses to say like 35/300+ but it doesnt show all the 300+ servers. O/S: Windows 7 64x i run the game with admin. I've tried to open port 2003 but it didnt help. please help me!
  5. yes there have been some problem with me at my server, all time me and my friend use /register and make ourself admins, we dissapear from the list even if i do all this manually. 1 i close the server 2 goes to aqqounts and sets my aqq name and that stuff 3 then to ACL where i do so i can login at the panel 4. i start the server, all goes perfekt. 5 i stop the server 6. i start the server and my aqqount is missing. this problem happened when i fixed the bank script from 50p and it is something wrong with it i think,it was going well b4 i got the banking system, i hope you can fix it or help me too fix it cuz its a little anoying
  6. ok but can other players register and login ?
  7. hey, cant anyone plz post a register login and logout script? i dont know how to script so i cant do it mysel (i have tried and it didnt go well) plz cant anyone realese one, would be very greatfull, ty in advance
  8. It's the two ampersands that stop it showing - take them out and it truncates the text. i dont think its & is making the problem cuz i dont have any of those but it get cut off anyway
  9. well i tried the help but it was cut off, i had a help.xml before, it wasnt cut off but this one is and it is same like my other one (only the text is different), and here it is, the cut off version of mine:D <help>Server Rules ----------------------------------------- OFFICIAL FSGTA5 SERVER Servers Website: [url=http://WWW.FSGTA5.TK]http://WWW.FSGTA5.TK[/url] Admin Email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------- RULES: ----------------------------------------- 1. NO CHEATING Have fun BUT DO NOT CHEAT, if you cheat you will get warnings and get bannd after some warnings ----------------------------------------- 2. help each other If there is a newbie and he asks for help, help him so he can help other and that makes the server funnyer so all ppl know how to play and have fun while they are on the server ----------------------------------------- 3. Dont complain! Do not complain about scripts or something, an example, THE OTHER SERVER HAVE THIS WHY DONT YOU HAVE IT, THIS SERVER IS CRAP. this is a typical complainment but if you have a suggestion you can say it but in a nicer way ----------------------------------------- 4. Respect all Respect all ppl who is playing and dont swear to them or dont talk rubbish, we also dont want other daily problems at the server, we are here to have fun and play with our friends. ----------------------------------------- 5. Have fun We expect that you do try to have as much fun as possible keeping in mind that this is a game and that you maintain a respectful relationship with all other players regardless as to race, creed, color, origin or attitude. Tip: Lead by example if others see that you are having fun they will want to be part of that fun too. ----------------------------------------- 6. Do Not spam the chat Do not Spam the chat with noncense, Do not write with Caps ON, Do not spam your Map vote into the chat. If you disobey these rules you will be Muted. ----------------------------------------- 7. Language You are only allowede to speak English, Swedish and Finnish, plz follow this rule or get muted if you are annoying. ----------------------------------------- </help> lol, i dont know what the prob is but maby it is a developement problem, maby it will get solved on DP3? i hope so
  10. DazzaJay are im allowed to use this help file in my server, im going to modifie it offcourse but is it ok ? ty
  11. you can only play mta on computer and you need a frech install of san andreas on your pc then you can download mta and play online.
  12. nice hed, realy nice map, hope more is comming. ;D
  14. heres in swedish without å ä ö 1.Swedish (SWE) = valkommen till var server! skriv !commands for script kommandon.
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