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  1. Haha, I knew you wouldn't quit.
  2. [SKC]TD_Mystic

    MTA for GTA IV

    My GTA:SA run in 1024x768 with LOW effects and i got 25 FPS and I hate it and with GTA IV, run in the same resolution with MEDIUM effects and I got 45-60 FPS. It's ugly. Turn off the frame limiter
  3. viewtopic.php?f=115&t=28933
  4. Nurburgring has already been online on our servers for 2 or 3 months
  5. It's a actually a map from another game converted to MTA We have about 10 real circuit maps now, including the nurburgring
  6. Here's my lame attempt at making an F1 teaser with the limited footage I had from this sunday's event on our server Rate 'n Comment 'n all that shite!
  7. [SKC]TD_Mystic

    MTA and SAMP

    MTA is indeed the better mod on pretty much all aspects. Ever since 1.0 was released, MTA's player count has been increasing steadily. I mean, just look at it right now: http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?game=mta This would be completely impossible half a year ago, more and more Sa-mp players are seeing the light... The new record for MTA is 1500 players online at the same time yeh? If the MTA team and the community keep doing what they're doing quite well atm, I wouldn't be surprised if MTA hit 5000 players a year from now... MTA will eventually get the recognition and player base it deservers, all we need is patience
  8. [SKC]TD_Mystic


    or wank off to the normal stuff like everybody else here?
  9. Ye, thnx alot There should be a sticky with all sorts of little tips and tricks like this thanks mate!
  10. Hello there, I have a question. I know it's possible to set an fps limit server-side. Most servers set this at 45+ fps though. My problem is that my computer can't handle 45 fps. (I know, it sucks! And no, I'm not gonna buy a new pc) So I would like to limit it at something like 35 myself. That's because I noticed that a lower but constant fps allows much smoother gameplay than a higher fps that is constantly shifting. Anybody here knows a method to succesfully limit my fps? Is this possible with the client of mta 1.0? Or does anyone know an external program that can do this? (I tried SAPT, didn't work ) thanks in advance, TD
  11. Glad to see the updates to the race gamemode Great work guys, can't wait for the release
  12. the steam one was still the best imo. People were wondering if it was true for days
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