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  1. Are any SM members playing GTA 4? I would like to revitalize this gang if possible. I remember the good times. We had a lot of fun. Let's get the ball rolling again.
  2. We've been around for awhile. Since MTA:VC, when stunts were the new hot thing to do. Might wanna change your clan name,or join us if you gotz the skillz.
  3. Hey guys, just posting for old times sake. I guess we're officially inactive. This was to be expected, being one of the first MTA gangs. We had a good run. And, only lost one tournament match. I guess were weren't only stuntmasters.
  4. Did I get bumped from SM? Didn't see my name on the member list. I'm gonna get my hands on the PC ver. of SA, so I can hit up this new MTA:SA action. If I can have my old position of head recruiter back, that would be sweet, but give me a week or so to get the game.
  5. I know. It's amazing isn't it. We're older than VCP.
  6. I'll go ahead and say that SM is on hiatis for now. I would need to go on a crazy recruiting rampage to get SM up and running again, but I have kinda lost interest in MTA with all the work I've been doing lately, and other games that are out now, plus Summer is coming and I will be outside as much as possible. Maybe we'll come together again when MTA:SA is released after the PC ver. of GTA:SA comes out. That'll probably motivate again, but that is probably a ways off.
  7. ^^ Those pics are great. Very funny stuff. I just read up on MTA: Blue. It looks very promissing. You'll definitely see me in VC more when this one is released. Can't wait. I'm sure GTA:SA will eat up a lot of my time though until Blue is released.
  8. Is anyone keeping up with these win/loss stats?
  9. Holy shit a match happened.. Glad to hear the victory. I know I've been away for awhile. My job and girlfriend are eating up much of my time. Is it possible for the gang leaders to mass e-mail members to notify about gang wars. This way I and others can know ahead of time. I would love to fight along side SM again.
  10. Is everyone in SM playing MTA:VC or MTA3, because I don't have GTA 3 and I can never find any SM's playing on the VC stunt or DM servers.
  11. Well, Once MTA 4.0 is out SM will be back up and running a little better. I'm sure either I or one of the other recruiters could take a look, and see what kinda stunts you can do. When SM DJGTA or SM Chaoswolf are around we can make some more group vids considering if the lag has improved.
  12. Wow, there's people that still wanna try out. I thought we were dead.
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    Ya it will definitely a huge spam board for sure. Kinda like it is now. Hell, this message I'm typing is spam.
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