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  1. but somebody knows where to get the HD mod for san andreas pc ? it's something like 3 giga it's a mod with full retextured stuff thanks.
  2. good but very hard/difficult game but it's worth the effort
  3. by the way : the open beta is rumored will not have an end check out NMA fallout forums for more info
  4. August 15th 2009 http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog ... nouncement http://falloutmods.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page http://fonline2238.blogspot.com/
  5. it will be like the farcry 1 editor or more like farcry 2 editor which is more userfriendly ? Please let me know..... Thanks......
  6. this new version is gonna be sweet and awesome
  7. capitone

    GTA live map

    works only on SA-MP ? or it will work with Multi Theft Auto san andreas too ? Thanks.
  8. i have gta4 onto my xbox360 and still i think gta san andreas online is funnier...... i wonder how many players will be allowed to play in the same server on GTA4 on PC.... Because even 16 players on console seems to me boring ( and i played a lot GTA4 online )
  9. well I play MTA because its better ..... I have GTA4 onto my xbox360... but the stunts and free roam are better on MTA ... sweeeet
  10. yep i read that in their forum .... screenshots look cool and accurate
  11. nice screenshot and nice home under
  12. Thank You . I'm noob LOL.
  13. i mean where do i get this ? my profile i mean.... For example : https://community.multitheftauto.com/sig/sig.php?id=123ℑ=1 https://community.multitheftauto.com/sig/sig.php?id=155ℑ=1 Thank you.
  14. where can i get my signature with kills moneys and all ? Thanks You.
  15. well i have Vice City and i need a tutorial to make Vice work online....... so any tutorial could be useful together with the latest online client .... Thank You.
  16. i agree the console is simply the best and is useful for stunts and quick spawning of vehicles !
  17. can u send me a PM so i can connect to your freeroam server ? i like freeroams servers .... Thanks.
  18. well i finally succeeded in using Xpadder and my gamepad and i got kicked ....... same problem
  19. Which folder do i place that ? Thanks.
  20. well i have both ps2 and pc version of San Andreas and i'd prefer the gamepad cause when I fly with hydra i found impossible to fly at maximun speed with the keybord.....
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