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  1. http://forum.mtavc.com/groupcp.php?g=39 ... c43f82ecea Error getting user list for group DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ORDER BY u.username' at line 7 SELECT u.username, u.user_id, u.user_viewemail, u.user_posts, u.user_regdate, u.user_from, u.user_website, u.user_email, u.user_icq, u.user_aim, u.user_yim, u.user_msnm, ug.user_pending FROM gta3mtausers u, gta3mtauser_group ug WHERE ug.group_id = 3967 AND u.user_id = ug.user_id AND ug.user_pending = 0 AND ug.user_id <> ORDER BY u.username Line : 786 File : groupcp.php look at it^^
  2. [E7] uses at the sailor spawn the highest spawn for defending.
  3. okay stubby will be allowed... contest starts at 15 o'clock GMT and 16 o'clock GMT +1
  4. is the map still valid for mta 0.5`? i am not sure, but i think so...
  5. Colonel


    yes, maybe they can make that in 0.5.1?!? would be VERY nice...
  6. ho guys! i added a poll about the stubby. it runs till saturday evening. cya @ contest
  7. Hi everyone! We planned for next sunday at 15 o'clock gmt a 100 frag contest. the person which has first 100 frags @ !stat will win. Information: http://www.100-frag-contest.de.ms/ See ya there
  8. Hi! How i registerd a channel where you can join and ask other players for funwars. irc.multitheftauto.com #funwar How do you think about that idea? I think that clans which want a little war, easy can have their war if they go to the channel and ask for a war. At other online games that works, too.
  9. i thought that admins only can kick or ban for 12 hours. if they want a ban for life, they have to ask the MTA Admins, a support team . When there are 5 requests of admins, the player will be banned That just wouldn't work. Anyone could start a server, and then ban someone they don't like for 12 hours.... It would have to be like the system now, you can ban people on your server only. The main idea of this is just to provide something that cannot be changed as easily? as people can change IPs pretty easily/quickly... hmm the server admin/owner can only ban at his server. but if you have found a cheater, you stick together with other admins and say that to the MTA Team, which will do a masterban at all servers.
  10. i thought that admins only can kick or ban for 12 hours. if they want a ban for life, they have to ask the MTA Admins, a support team . When there are 5 requests of admins, the player will be banned
  11. 3: Moderate it carefully and cross check each registration (i.e. have they used the email before, check the IPs used etc) they only real thing which is a good idea.
  12. hiho another idea You know for sure the problem with banning people. they just disconnect, change their IP or their name and reconnect.... Maybe you know the solution of steam/valve for this: every gamer has a SteamID, which is static. ---------------------------- My idea is this: Before a player can join MTA : Blue, he has first create a account at the MTA Homepage. There he has to put his email and his ingame-nick into a form. then the homepage generates a account ID, which will be sent to the email. Now the player can start MTA Blue, and has to fill in his Account ID, his email and ingame-nick. now he clicks a "VERIFY" button and the client will check, if the account is valid. When it is valid, his client will save this at the computer. the players has not to verify his account again, blue will ALLWAYS connect at this account( the account information is saved on the computer in a encrypted file ) if a player wants to change his nick, he has to contact the MtaID Support Team and give a reason for that. Old unused nicks, which are given away by their originaly owners, can later ONLY used by the originaly owners. in that way, nobody can use a nick of somebody else. I think that you can prevent cheating or using of another nick from another person. i hope you understood my idea *gg*
  13. i mean that spectators connect to the MTATV server and can watch the match in spectator mode. the MTATV Server would connect to the gameserver in spectator mode und sent the coordinates and weapon status of players to the players. it's the same like HLTV. the spectator @ MTATV server can switch their view like in a normal spec mode^^ sorry for my bad english
  14. How would it be if there is something like HLTV for CS? That you can watch Clanwars in Spectator Mode. The MTATV ^^ Server joins the gameserver where the clanwar is and simulates a spectator... do you like it?
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