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10 minutes of boredom


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Yeah, sorry for misleading you heh. Actually it was ten minutes playing around, I spent longer editing the damn thing.

And I'm new to the PC version of GTA so I'm adjusting to the controls - I do like bike stunting BUT I ain't too great at it, i'll practice a lot and then will think about going all-out on something big.

Anyways, it's just something to waste 5 minutes of yer life - even though there wasn't much there, it could've been much worse :wink:

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Thanks. Though we can do without the sarcastic comments.

By the way, why do you have four accounts registered on these forums, and which one do you wish to keep?

Whoa, I only have ONE account! Where did 4 come from?

Erm, this is my only account...dang, that's confused the hell outta me.

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That's an odd place to host it. I may grab it one day if its placed somewhere it can be downloaded from.

you can save videos like that,

right click it then go to properties, then copy the Location of the file into your address bar, then it downloads it and with whatever media player you use you can just got file > save as

nice lil vid btw kingjad

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Hmm really? It seemed to want to open it in a java player and stream it, I couldnt locate anything right-clickable.

I got it anyway thanks to the second link. Regarding the video, thats also my favourite car for doing that, tho you do some angles off the ramps I've not tried (but will now)

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Bump, my IP is annoying in that it's not unique. Hell, I hate rapidshare because it always thinks I've already downloaded something from there even though I haven't - it reads I.P.s and there's limits and such, anyway I know of only this account, I wouldn't use multiple-accounts unless I had to, and I don't...

Still very confused, glad people like me vid and I'll go back tonight and try to fit that damn Infernus in that ACT! :twisted:

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KINGJAD i want to know the name of the song (soundtrack) it's from a FIFA game (2001 i think) and i've been looking for it 4 ages...please help ! (Kingjad or anyone who knows) PLEASE ! Make an effort to click on the darn 'Postreply' button pls !

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