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An old promise i made..


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/me wrote:

...here today i can promise u get on top of the "MTA building".(Building near malibu..) where characters on top Razz "

MR.Bump wrote:

We are still waiting for the rooftop pics turbob Razz

Ransom wrote:

Um... so like I said getting on TOP of that building? lol

Yea so thats one hell of a promise. Tell me htf you plan on doing it later lol

Maybe some of the older MTA players remembers a little promise i made about getting on top of that building near malibu (underground flying glitch one) to walk between on top players.

I had to terminate with that bug coz in 0.3 (if im not mystaken) u wasnt really able to do this even glitching, which was and its the only way to do this.

Actually there is a way to finally explain how the hell does some can get there. Im refering to that glitch where u set off your frame limiter. I know that glitch is not wellcome in the comunity, but i just wanted to point that now its possible. I got no pics to demostrate it coz every1 knows about that.

The point its that now u can get up there by using the pizza boy by using this glitch. You just got to face building, perform a wheelie and then hit nitro till you get on top.


(Unbroken promise at least :roll: )

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...That wasn't possible when you promised it turbob, as the pizzaboy+nitro wasnt in 0.3 or 0.4 :P

Yeah thats what i meant, in that time it was no possible unless u were cheating. (U better not mohah).

/me wrote:

lmao, i take it as impossible... i think thats a broken promise Sad ...

.. but never know.. maybe some day cassualty i get there for some extrange reason Razz (i hope;)

"Today" i can tell you guys:

Its done! yay! :D

(Sry about the new topic but it was something i had to do, something i promised and i couldnt keep, till now.)

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