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get cable then it dures 2 minutes . youy guys only complain give these guys a break try to make yjavascript:emoticon(':x')

Madourself a mp for gtjavascript:emoticon('8)')

Coola3 think about that

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sorry my last message didn''t work out but what a mean give theys guys a break . You cant make a mod as good as this dont complain or make one yourself


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I have to say that this video was really boring.. one could really tell its a programmer who made it.. boring soundtrack, no in game action, no action in the direction, nothing that really shows why MTA would be fun to play.. still i enjoyed the sense of enthusiasm in the making of this one, seems like the one who made really had an idea of how it should be.

As soon as I get MTA going with some real action (where ppl are actually fighting eachother, instead of running around in different dimensions, THINKING they are doing cools stuff while they're in reality are running into a wall) i will make a better movie.

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Is It really good or not ??, i downloaded it and it was soddin corrupt which really anoys me... Also..

but it will take 45 minutes to uploate

But u posted ur #1. Post on 8.16 and #2. Post on 2.03. Meaning u took a full 2 minites more. TuT tut TuT.... :D Sorry jus had to point that out lmao

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