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PRO .LOGiC - Recruiting only the best


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PRO .LOGiC is a new gang, we are looking for the following:

External positons:

Web Page designer (I already have a host)

Recruiting Manager

Gang organizer (multiple positions available)

Internal positions:

Head Leader - Me, bLo0dD, ofcourse...

Co-Leader - Virus

Head-Driver: [TAKEN]

Co-Drivers: [OPEN] (2 positions available)

Other drivers: [OPEN] (10 positions available)

Car retrievers: [OPEN] (4 positions available)

Hand fighters: [OPEN] (2 positions available)

Gun soldiers: [OPEN] (16 positions available)

Majour Weapons soldiers: [OPEN] (15 positions available)

Snipers: [OPEN] (9 positions available)

Assassin: [OPEN] (8 positions available)

Bodyguards: [OPEN] (6 positions available)

Positions: 86

Available: 79

(One member is allowed 2 - 4 positions)

More positions to come...

Easily PM me, or post here if you are interested in any of these positions...

Each member is allowed 2 - 4 positions depending on the positions...

For example, since I am the Head Leader, I am only allowed one more position, but since I'm the HEAD LEADER, and I make up the rules, I get more! HAHAHA...

Another example, Ka0z is our Head Driver, he is only allowed one more position considering a Head Driver is a big position...

Our gang's turf will be the multi-story car park and the area around Asuka's Condo... This will also include the back alley behind the car park where the respray shop is...

In this gang you must respect all other members, no racism, bullsh*t that offends anyone, just a clean strong gang to take over Liberty and Vice...

Hope to battle with you soon...

- bLo0dD

Member list:

bLo0dD - Head Leader, Co-Driver, Car Retriever, Gun/Majour Weapon Soldier...

Virus - Co-Leader, Assassin, Gun soldier...

Ka0z - Head Driver, Assassin...

Aralkar - Co-Driver, Bodyguard...

Dr1v3R - Car Retriever, Gun Soldier, Sniper...


June 2nd:

0.3b Release -

Now that 0.3b is released we can start our sessions to test out the positions current members would want... This weekend of the 6th, 7th and 8th of June we will start our sessions, most likely it will be on Friday the 6th around 5pm EST Toronto Ontario... Server IP and more info will be given on Thursday, keep upto date...

Web designers -

If any of our members would want to design a website for our gang, I will supply the host of unlimitted bandwidth and unlimitted webspace for free, all I need is the website to be designed... If you are a good web designer, PM me for this position...

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yeah, every one is new at one stage, now just cus u guys have grown doesnt mean we get a chance?

i was never new!

ive always been better then everyone in every way possible

ur better then everyone? news to me :P lol vcp, let them have there thread back, we said welcome

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