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  1. i was just advertising the site 4 a freind
  2. id go and roll the fatest joint and smoke it, then do that a few more times. after that id go and graphiti on all of the cop cars in my area
  3. hey, go to http://www.deadsigs.tk if u want some awsome sigs, banners and avatars. just request for one in the forum and describe how u want it and wat u want on it then someone will get back to you asap
  4. whos cares, its still an awsome banner good job
  5. cant u just delete the unwanted posts though
  6. «×V¡®u§×»


    hey u think that we could start a Babe Of The Week thing? but with some rules like no nips and lower region showing, ive seen these on other sites and theve shown 2 be quite entertaining
  7. delta force land warrior delta force black hawk down cossacks b2w tropico 2 and of course... GTA3 MTA
  8. fine, but i was only kidding around i dont mean any offense wen i say things like that is this sig size ok?
  9. hey i was the first Virus on this forum! so f**k you both!!!! lmao and dont try steeling my sigs
  10. hey this isnt about MTA just about GTA SP, ive downlaod loads of car mods for GTA but i have no idea how 2 install them. can som1 help me out?
  11. 2 me it either looks like a childrens playground, or a buidling that will act like that 1 in 2fast 2furious were all the cars come pouring out. nice job
  12. sssssshhhh!!!!! i dont want people 2 notice lmao wen does it come off??????????????
  13. wat about having a 10 secs spawn armour were ur invincible 4 10 secs wen u respawn so it gives a chance 2 at least hide. i duno if this can be done its just a suggestion
  14. hi, is it possible that some of u could make a vid of u killing each other? cus most of u have made prity cool stunt videos but i think it would be nice to actualy c some action happening e.g. a clan fight would be cool thanks.
  15. gloating? hey more than just the gang wana here about the match. btw nice screenshots
  16. no were not dead,why do u think i just put a forum up? lol. blo0dD is the leader and i am co-leader
  17. hey i like ur site, its a bit dull though try adding some pics and stuff onto it
  18. ok i got 1800 mhz so it should run fine, thanks
  19. ice sence ur a great sniper in lw i would suggest being a assasin or sniper 4 Pro.LogiC i have got a forum up for now, i will continue working on the site and please vist Pro.LogiC even if ur not in the gang i want 2 keep this forum active http://prologicgang.proboards23.com
  20. hi, can som1 pls tell me what video card vc needs? i have a 64mb and i dont wana go 2 a shop and find out mine isnt good enough
  21. vc is definetly a good game, but i prefer the way liberty city is set out. it seems more realistic. + almost all of vc is flat with no huge hills like in liberty although vc gameplay is much better
  22. this is probaly ilegal, i havent got gta vc, and was hoping the mta team would make it possible 2 download vc from the mta site, well? do u think this is possible?
  23. im sure thers more than 1 place 2 use as a hideout, e.g. boatyard, sunshine autos, hyman condo, verceti estate, film studios etc... and the cops have 2 follow the theives around trying not 2 loose em, wile the thieves do the oppasite
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