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Stunt Key Binds (share your secret)

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I guess I'm a pro-stunter as well so I'll tell u my secret. :wink:

I got all default keybinds except for:

- Running = Left shift

- Lean forward = Mouse left ( ! )

- Lean back = Mouse right ( ! )

This way I can tap way faster and do tricks much easier...

I know it sounds weird but just take a look at my stunts I do this way. 8)

(ow and welcome me back people :wink: )

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rmb and lmb for leaning seems like a good idea, i will have to try it.

currently i use arrow keys for turning/accel/brake, spacebar for handbrake, 1 for lean back, and 2 for lean forward.

i find this to be a very comfortable stunting configuration - right hand on arrow keys and left hand on leaning + handbrake.

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Not I 8)

It's not a matter of opnion, the analog control has more degrees of operation than 4 keyboard keys.

or maybe he is saying he doesn't use a controller.

I read the post wrong earlier :lol: You're right, makes sense that the analog has more control, still i find the keyboard mouse superior for me

WASD 4 life 8)

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