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  1. absolutely the best vid i've ever seen here.. my god, your stunting is sick! truly excellent!!!!!
  2. chaozz

    My biggest grind!

    wow.. very nice!!! please get over your big ego's... why even bring this up? AGAIN...
  3. shiverin.. isn't music a matter of taste? I think song2 kick @$$ and fits perfectly not for you, i've seen your stunts.. but for me they are well, thank you. so? i AM DUTCH! so, let me be proud.. the song is great! if it was an exam, i'd still pass thanks i guess.. but this really is the final vid.
  4. @cosmo: thanks for your useless comment @jigga: thanks man, that is my best rating so far!
  5. great. 0 responds in 4 days. where is ever1?
  6. I haven't played VC or MTA in a while now, but had a lot of stunt footage on my drive. So, I started working on (probably) my last stuntvideo. Thats why this one is called: LastRide Get it here: http://www.thegamersalliance.com/dynami ... stRide.zip (32mb) And please let me know how you like it.
  7. it think the new logo is better. the original is a bit boring.
  8. 3 months? o well, that makes much more sence ofcourse. but seriously, I am very interested in both GTAT and GTAC (besides MTA ofcourse), so I just want to read more info about it.
  9. MTA Fan.. lol when will the site get back up? i can understand that a problem takes time to fix, but 6 months seems a bit long..
  10. In the professional stunt videos I see them using a motorbike parked against a lampost or something as a ramp. I wan't to try this stuff too, but some questions rise: 1). How to park it that way? because when u get of a bike it just stands up straigt, and won't lay against a lampost. 2). If I place a bike, and then steal a car to get my stuntbike, the placed bike is usually gone before i can get back to it. How do you guys do this? Same goes for the truck that can be used as a ramp. Something completely different: 3). I see u guys jump against little walls and sky-rocketing into the air from it. Is that just good timing (the moment you lift the front of the bike) and just the right speed, or is there a trick I am not aware of? I'd like to know, cauz I need some more extreem stunts for my next video.
  11. i don't think the MTA team will make an RPG mode. it's a lot of work i imagine, and they need all the time they have for blue and debugging 0.5. besides, rpg is already possible thanks to MTAMA.
  12. don't think. you need a brain for that.
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