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Co-op with GTAW Online


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We're cooperating with Gta World Online Development. Especially for GTAW Online we're making a special version of MTA, adjusted to GTAW Online.

The GTA World Online Development Team: REDSPIKE, UNDERWORLD, UNDERDOG, skull white, fatcat, maverick_uk, tonton, yakuzza, billix, manburnerner.

GTA World Online is a total conversion for GTA3+VC, that means that both Vice City and Liberty City are combined into GTA3, and also with the ability to play online (powered by MTA).

Latest update: Model chooser and ingame menu patch, started adding the islands, new interface for traveling when you get to the airport, designing a new site which is 90% done now.

Further information will be given soon, when the site is finished.

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I think its a great thing, even "if" there are no coop missions at the moment. Im sure there will be enough extensive features to keep the public entertained for months giving plenty of time for more features to follow.

note: Thanks GOD this is in the worx, (and in the worx BIG time) 'cause I CANT STAND playing Co****r St***e! Its getting REAL boring! :oops:

P.S Thank you MTA Team and GTAW Online your all doing a truly exellent job! :D

{*Whoops Edit*}

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I don't think its a good idea.

Why not get 0.3 out the door first ?

Afterwards you can help them... You wont have to fix bugs

you find now in 2 places (MTA and WO)

This also means the public will have to wait longer for

MTA to be released, since you have to share your development

time with them.

Oh well, guess you can't keep everyone happy...

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Naw, don't worry Burning, Vice City isn't out for another week, so i'm sure alot of even the programmers wont buy the game fo a month, there's just too muhc buildup for mta0.3b on GTA3 to even think about Vice City MP right now, although GTAWorld will be pretty awesome.

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mta is currently only gta3, no vice yet, but this would enable coperation between both gta3 and vice by transporting from one island to the other in a massive online world. would be great fun.

mta woul probably be released seperatly for vc though from gta3, so u would have to get the updated mod for vice city when it comes out (when vice comes out OFFICIALLY)

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