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  1. crew

    Joining A Game

    The Credits? So I need to minimize my game and enter the ip?
  2. crew

    Joining A Game

    And when I select Start MTA I just get "Please" in blue letters and the credits.
  3. Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I can't get in a game. Should I use the "mta" or "launcher" file in my GTA3 directory? I tried to use MTA. I enter the ip and click connect to server. I get connected and I can talk. But the game isn't up and I'm still at the mta window where you enter the ip. I read the manual, but how do I start up GTA3 now? When I use the launcher to join a game it just brings up another connect to server window and GTA3 starts. Somebody help.
  4. Will this........"True Crime: Streets of L.A." come out for PC?
  5. You know you didn't close this right?
  6. crew


    I really commend you guys and all your effort. NOW ON TO VICE CITY!
  7. Cars wont explode? Isn't that kinda rediculous? Will there even be visible car DAMAGE?
  8. Are you sure there are no pedest? I heard there are, just not synched (sp).
  9. And there aren't pedestrians walking throughout the city..... Ok, I'm kinda sad...but I still hope it'll be great.
  10. You can't have multiple people in one car..... I'll have to go cry now.....
  11. Hey. Lookin' great my man. Can I have the link to your site again? Thanks.
  12. crew

    East Side Gang

    Didn't you use to be a mod?
  13. You mIRC. Internet Relay Chat. Channels fool anyway.
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