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Wrongway Production

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:shock: It's a wooping 191 MB :shock: I'm downloading it but it's gonna take some time. 8)

EDIT:It didn't like the video, because it was usually the same spot over and over again. It started to get boring after 3 minutes and then I still had to watch the rest of the 9 minutes. :(

And then there is the fileseize. It is 191 MB!!! FFS, how did you manage to get such a bad quality video at such gigantic seize!!?? While I was downloading it (took me 50 minutes) I was thinking of how great this video should be. But it was very louzy.

My Final Stuntsvideo is from much better quality and is only 29 MB and 4:30 minutes long. So yours should be 60 MB maximum with even a higher qualitylevel. :roll:

No no no this is just wrong. I hoped for a great video but this is going straight down the recyclingbin. I'm sorry.

I believe there was a 90 MB version as well but I'm not sure. I'm not gonna download it, because the quality of that video should be extremely sad. :cry:

I give it a 6/10 for trying. :?:) (at least one happy smily for you :wink: )

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Well those videos is just my practise videos, Im just testing video editing. And that 90mb video is Project Backer (I made it in last winter) diffrent than stunt pack. Project Backer is just showing what you can in mta do.

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I downloaded and watched them both and found them quite entertaining, i've not had broadband for long therefore havn't downloaded many vids as yet so don't really feel i can rate them. I liked the episodic nature of the second (larger) video, really it is 3 or 4 glued together :)

Overall it entertained me, surprised me in some places and left me wanting to power up MTA and go and try some jumps in the locations I'd not thought of before. It did get a little repetative at some points. Such as the 3 different replays of one of the 'cops chasing you over jumps' bits,(on the bridge jump nr island one police station.) which wasnt even a particularly good jump.

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