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  1. Erulezz

    [WH] Stunt Clan

    Warezheaven.nl , there is this clan begon
  2. Erulezz

    [WH] Stunt Clan

    [WH] ( Warezheaven ) is a totally new MTA Stunt Clan.. We play on the gtagames.nl server : port 2003 Admin : [WH] Erulezz Members : [WH] Erulezz [WH] martinnl [WH] 3N1GMA [WH] Sky For joining ask on the server of email me ( Email adress can be found in my profile )
  3. Teamname is changed , [DS] = [RL]
  4. I'm not good in english
  5. Why there now nobody answer..
  6. This is now an stunt server.... The name [dk] is changed by [ds] Dutch Stunters
  7. Yeah ! Come on this server people....
  8. Erulezz


    Wat doe je blij joh... And this is not MTA
  9. how must I do that?? it state nowhere something how you get you server there on the list....
  10. Misery that you not come on the server
  11. DK stand for Dutch Killers :
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