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U.F.O.s Spotted in MTA!!!.

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Tonight i was playing mta as ussual and while attempting a stunt a saw somethign odd, they were 8 spots up in the sky they were just floating there completly still withotu moving, ass we all know planes are unabel to do that and helis cant stay that stable i managed to get 3 screens of this before i had to leave .

Here are the screens :



And at night they were still there only a little harder too see:


I think he should call NASA and let them know about this it seems as Visitors of outer space have picked vie city as a visiting spot too.

Hope ill be able to bring more on this .

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lol i remember going up there in a heli to explore with spreadhate jubjub and samurai and when we got to the top we all got out in amazement and wondered over then i stole the heli and they had to jump down and lose muchos health, jubjub was like "ah guys, wheres the heli gone?" lmfao.

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Those are just the cars from the bloodring. :lol::D

The bloodringinterior is actually up in the sky there and not in the stadium. :?

But I think you already knew that, didn't you? 8)

I think he cud b right actually, they r in the correct formation as they actually are.

When i 1st saw this i thought it was the empty bullet canisters or sominc from the cannister, but since nosgroth sed this i think hes right. :wink:

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