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General Callout: Additional Programmer

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The MTA Team is thinking about expanding the team and would like to offer this chance to anyone interested to get in touch with us. Further details will be provided upon the initial email and additional information will be required. You will need to have some of the following skills:

- Strong Programming Knowledge (C/C++ and or ASM)

- Basic knowledge of GTA Editing

- Desire and time to assist in the development of MTA

This is a general callout for information, so please toss Chris "Cray" McArthur ([email protected]) an email with the subject "MTA - Additional Programmer" and any additional information you think is relevant. Please do not include any file attachments. If you wish us to look at some examples of your work, please provide us with the appropriate URL's and a description.

NOTE: Please keep postings in this thread to ones that are relevent to the topic at hand. Don't make postings saying "I am not qualified, I know vb". Thanks.

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well, i'm sure there are plenty of qualified programmers who would love to get their name in the credits for mta, a world famous mod.

i know how to program BASIC. dump the c++ and vb, rewrite a new core in BASIC, and i'm yer guy

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Fame, although equitable, is oftentimes not the motivation of a team, although it has been in some isolated circumstances. When someone sits down and decides to work on a project of this size for an extensive time period it's never purely for their name in the credits, rather it's to allow that person, or group in this case, to expand their knowledge on the subject at hand while offering the public a useful service. I assure you that every member of MTA has gained numerous lessons since the original release.



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i currently code for uox3 (ultima offline experiment 3) and use to do database work on eqemu/eqemulator. I know c++, html. mirc scripting, databaseing/mysql/postgresql. I would be interesting in helping out any way you sit fit.

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I have experience with:

  • C/C++
    x86 Assembly
    Low level windows programming
    PE Modifiction(including at runtime...very similiar to what MTA does)
    Cheat/hack prevention/detection
    Cheat/hack implementation

Pick me!!! =]

[edit]forgot something =/[/edit]

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