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No More ASE ???? WooHoo


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i wud have to add it manually, it just connects to the ips i enter and gets the info ASE gets and displays it on the page, so except for the scanner its the same.

The advantage off adding them to the list is being able to cut all the useless servers out of it and only have the ones you would be interested in playing in.

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not if you like owning noobs and having them accuse you of cheating and getting you kicked from the smaller servers by teh (yes teh) admins that know f all about mta. :cry:

Umm sure :?

well the players display a bit better now, im working on having the scoreboard similar to that u see in game.

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the site does work altho was down for a short time last night.

ASE may well be good for searching for all games etc. But alot of ppl do not use it or know about it, Its just there for ppl who wud prefer not to use ASE, Im not saying ASE is useless, i mean i use it to find the servers to update on the page, This is just another way for people to find servers.

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personally ASE is just a pain in my butt, all other games have in client lists that I play. But still, it's a new app, I believe I've seen the MTA team talking about adding it as a feature tho. Perhaps I'd like it more if it worked with this old Janes game, I hate using it's little java app webpage thingy :\

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personally ASE is just a pain in my butt, all other games have in client lists that I play. But still, it's a new app

What I like about ASE is if you can't find a good server, you it doesn't have to be a pain in the butt closing one game, then loading another. All of them are displayed in The All-Seeing Eye.

Also, The All-Seeing Eye has been around for 2 years to my knowledge. I wouldn't consider that new, especially compared to that website developed a few days ago, or if MTA made a it's own in the next month.

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Playing a Fun, Clean game with friendly people = POINT OF GAMING

wtf? clean game? Friendly people? Well i just hope you dont run into me because its nothing like that wherever i am.

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haha :)

Well the only thing i really liked about ASE was if a server is full it waits and connects u when a slot is open. Well now the site does that as well :D

If u use the Launch Client link on the page with the server info on , If the server is full it will keep trying and launch the client once a space is available.

You will need to use MTAPH to use this feature.

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personally i think ase is quick and easy to use, and that server page is good but doesnt have a handful of servers compared to what u get on ase :roll:

This was just stage 1 of the site, i will be adding alot more shortly.

and i do use ASE for CoD Enemy Territory and MOHAA and the likes but only since i had to get it for MTA as the others have built in server lists which have all the best servers on anyways :P

/me wishes for a built in mta server list :shock:

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