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Cheating in MTA

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Greetings. I just joined the boards a few hours ago after dl'ing MTA. Interesting, but sadly I do not fully understand how it works. Closest I got was some brief instructions in English... but anywayz, I'm not here to complain. What my question is, is this: To efficiently use MTA, do I have to use the original version (as in no texture mods or file changing (particle.cfg, carcols.dat, etc.) Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Great program, can't wait to see the final product. :P

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yes - mta v.02a works best with a clean install of gta3, and patched with version 1.1

Instructions for future versions were planned to be in multiple languages... but lets get it right in english first ok? =)

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in the main scm are standing some sentenses example health cheat and armor cheat if you delete that strings the cheats aren''t working anymore and no one can find the code to activate them i change the main scm at my place and do the javascript:emoticon(':P')

Razzsame and the cheats are removed. simple as that.

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If you would read previous posts!!!!!!!!!!!! You would have seen that there will be a patch for any incompatible data in the config file. I never got word from the team, but if they are not adding a patch for this, then I plan on writting the patch. 8)

This patch will disallow any cheat codes, or mods.

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