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what mutiplayer mod wil be better?


what mod wil be better??  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. what mod wil be better??

    • GGM v0.2
    • MTA v0.3b
    • GTA3T v0.1

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what multiplayer mod wil be better ????

MTA v0.3b


-Team Deathmatch

-Liberty City Survivor (last man standing)

-Freeze Tag (name could be changing)

-Capture The Whoopie


- Deathmatch

- TeamDeathmatch

- Capture the Flag

- Taxidriver

- Catch me!


-30 persons walking in 1 city

Please vote


Join The Russan mafia we wil pay you wel

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First you didn't put all the features of them.

Second it's not TGTA3 it's GTA3T.

Third they aren't competiting so I don't see why did you make a poll for it...We'll see which will be the best one when they'll all be released..

BTW I think that MTA will always be the best one...They have the best team,they hardly work for it and they have the ASE support...

Good work mta's team!!! Thx =D

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ill let this one drag on - although its a stupid question asking this, in this type of forum.

If people voted for another option.... they would probably not be here to start with =) - simple minded opinion, but probably 90% right. =P =)

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Anyway I suggest you to wait for mta 0.3b and forget about GGM....Because you see maybe in GGM we can see each other walking but we can't do anything!! We can't shoot or hit or race or any things!! And there isn't any Dodos so we can't fly together so on this I say: GGM sucks!!!!!!!

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