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  1. very off topic here guys, but selkrot what game is that on your sig?
  2. cheers man, i heard it was litraly BASIC lol, and effective so i want to learn it.
  3. planning on learning VB, i know me HTML, C, nothing big, i prefer GD.
  4. i know your an affilate an all, but that don't mean you need to post the same message in EVERY thread
  5. so what am 14, i am a coder, and no i aint no damn nerd but i aint available
  6. hmm, it has a DFF model aswell, i am extracting the img's, the DFF is in the file called 'GTA3'
  7. about the version thing, he just needs a no cd patch for v1.1, because it only edits the exe when updated so getting a no-cd crack for v1.1 would auto-update it
  8. thats what they said about 2.0..then GGM came out lol
  9. A.-cos you are A2.- i think xerox is best, because bill is funny because he's not , he is funny cos he stupid, xerox is more organised. Q. who's the best dev?
  10. look, witte russian ( a friend of mine), is not always on his computer he came to me on the 16th april and left on the 20th april when he was here, he posted using my computer. He also registerd on my computer, thats is why it may seem as though we have the same i.p. (so i am Arti and he is witte, we are definatly different people). for those who couldn't make it out cleary
  11. argh look at the reer 'car sex' wheel, on the top car.
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