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Problems with Version 0.2 Beta

Guest Sassy76

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I'm confused, i ran a search for files and couldn't find the mta.ini file. I don't know maybe i'm just not meant to have this game on my computer. does anyone have any suggestions, maybe i should delete it all and start all over, or use a different version or something. Please Help

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All that comes up in the search box, is MTA Notepad and it has in it








That is all I can find. I am totally confused. Maybe for some reason it didn't install right or something.

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The problem is when I am all connected to a server I push the start game button, another windows box comes up with run game in and everything that is on the computer you know folders and stuff, well when I hit open it says it can't find the file gta-vc.exe. That has been my problem from the start

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I need to be what logged in as an administrator?? I don't understand, I deleted it off the computer and reinstalled it and now it won't even install. I am about ready to just give up!!!!

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