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  1. I have picture of myself, as my avatar...
  2. Actualy, the only problem you mentioned is that you couldn't find mta.ini.... Now you found it What is your problem with MTA?
  3. On the frontpage menu, click "First time user guide"
  4. I have the same problem rarly - but it only happens in MTA
  5. Ehrmm.... i could easily make 100 websites.... it depends on the contents of the sites - not the number of sites Well my main programming/scripting languages are VB, PHP, ASP - eventhough i can read&understand most (incl. assmebly ) i can't program in those
  6. I got ADSL 256/128... Download is around 25-29 kb/s Upload is around 14-15 kb/s
  7. No you don't need ASE neither to create a online or lan server! ASE is just like gamespy - it's a large list of game servers, for different games.. ASE just includes MultiTheftAuto You can easily make a mta:vc server, for other users across the internet, without having ASE enabled... This way, only people who know your servers ip:port, can join (or people with port scanners - if you havn't password protected the server). EDIT: Yeah you'r right IJsVogel - your answer sounds a bit better that way
  8. Well configure your mtaserver.conf file... Here's a small guide from the manuel: If you want it to be LAN, then just disable ASE and or set a password.... When you have configured that file, just run MTAServer.exe The clients, now have to connect to the IP and Port (2003) of the computer running the server, which you just started...
  9. It the server's IP and Port - find them on #mta-server or with All-Seeing eye.... From the mainpage of mtavc.com, there's now a link for a "First time user guide" - read it
  10. Start with reading the manual In the section "Quickstart Guide", you can see how to connect to a server, and in the section "Running a server", you can learn how to run a server
  11. Hmm sounds strange... Are you'r sure that your download isn't corrupt, and that you choosen the correct dir for MTA:VC and GTA:VC? How you tryed the zipped version? http://www.gonnaplay.com/download.php?directory=0
  12. NoZero


    No users won't be aloowed to mod the maps. There would be big problems (and cheating), if two clients on the same server, could use two different maps... That's why the client makes crc checks of your gta:vc files
  13. Why don't you just chat with the other gamers, when your playing on a server?
  14. Sure you looked in your windows dir? It could be like: c:\windows\mta.ini
  15. NoZero


    Well dutch isn't one of my languages , but since dutch looks a bit like german, i would believe this is what he writes: To all guests from netherlands there's now also a dutch site for MTA: Multitheftauto.nl The site is still not complete, but the forum etc. is complete.
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